Forest Stewards Guild

The OSU Student Chapter of the Forest Stewards Guild is the College of Forestry's newest student organization. 

The Forest Stewards Guild is a national organization that focuses on "ecological forestry": responsible forestry management to promote ecological, economic, and social health. As the OSU Student Chapter, we strive to maintain their principles and further their mission. We partner with the PNW Region for field trips, guest speakers, and exciting events. Please check out the "Forest Stewards Guild Mission and Principles" tab, and the "Club Events" tab below for more information.

Although we're called the "Forest Stewards Guild", we are open to all majors and interests at OSU! We are not exclusive to forestry topics, and our events include field trips and guest speakers related to all kinds of natural resources, including fish and wildlife, ecological restoration, forest ecosystems, and the ever-important human dimension. In addition to field trips, we have regularly scheduled meetings throughout the term. We hope to see you there!


Membership information

Participation in the OSU Student Chapter of the Forest Stewards Guild is open to every OSU student, but full membership requires a formal Forest Stewards Guild Student Membership. Contact Mieke Hunter for more information, or visit the FSG membership page.

In addition, members must be in good academic standing and should attend at least half of the club activities/meetings per term. There are usually four meetings and four events per term, so attendance at two meetings and two events, or three events and one meeting, etc, per term counts towards this requirement. Membership and active participation allows for democratic club processes, which is what we hope to create!

Club Information

Mieke Hunter, President

Spencer Wirth, Vice President

Elliana Hagloch, Secretary

Noah Clark, Treasurer

Parker Turk, Public Relations

Jacob Taylor, Council Representative

Kimberly Waltrich, Webmaster

Klaus Puettmann, Faculty Advisor

Our Vision

Establish forestry that is ecologically, economically, and socially responsible as the standard for professional forest management, from coast to coast. 

Our Mission

The Forest Stewards Guild practices and promotes responsible forestry as a means of sustaining the integrity of forest ecosystems and the human communities dependent upon them. The Guild engages in education, training, policy analysis, research, and advocacy to foster excellence in stewardship, support practice foresters and allied professionals, and engage a broader community in the challenges of forest conservation and management. 

Our Principles

  1. The well-being of human society is dependent on responsible forest management that places the highest priority on the maintenance and enhancement of the entire forest ecosystem.
  2. The natural forest provides a model for sustainable resource management; therefore, responsible forest management imitates nature's dynamic processes and minimizes impacts when harvesting trees and other products.
  3. The forest has value in its own right, independent of human intentions and needs.
  4. Human knowledge of forest ecosystems is limited. Responsible management that sustains the forest requires a humble approach and continuous learning.
  5. The practice of forestry must be grounded in field observation and experience as well as in the biological sciences. This practical knowledge should be developed and shared with both traditional and non-traditional educational institutions and programs.
  6. Our first duty is to forests and their future. When confronted with circumstances that threaten the integrity of the foresty and conflict with the Mission and Principles of the Forest Stewards Guild, members must respond through education, advocacy, or where necessary, disassociation. Guild membership signified a commitment to the highest forest stewardship ethic.* 
*This level of commitment does not apply to the OSU Student Chapter.


See the club calendar for a comprehensive overview of meetings and events.

All-Members Meetings

Location : TBD

Details : Meetings are the place to be for news, recaps, and friendly converstation!

Contact : Mieke Hunter



Forest Steward Guild Christmas Tree Sale

It's now November, which means that the holidays are right around the corner! And Oregon State University's Forest Steward Guild is excited to help you get ready for the season by providing beautiful Noble Fir Christmas trees! We have harvested Noble Fir's from Oregon's beautiful and resourceful public lands so you don't have to! Trees will be harvested and delivered to your house. Donations are accepted and will be used to fund FSG club events and outings that will further the education of students outside the classroom. Complete this form to reserve your tree and check one more item off your Holiday to-do list.

Contact Spencer Wirth for more information!