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OSU Named Top 10 Ag and Forestry School

For the second year in a row, Oregon State University has been recognized as a world-class center in agriculture and forestry, ranking seventh in the 2014 international survey of more than 200 schools, moving up from the eighth-place ranking in 2013.  Read More





Research at the College of Forestry

What kinds of research?

Scientists at the College of Forestry conduct research on a wide range of topics in the disciplines of biology, botany, ecology, engineering, forest management, manufacturing and marketing of wood products, the social sciences, wood chemistry and physiology, and many others. The College owns about 15,000 acres of College Forests, most of it within a few minutes of campus. These forests are a rich resource not only for forestry research but for teaching and demonstration.

How is this research organized?

Research at the College is conducted under the auspices of the Oregon Forest Research Laboratory, established by the Oregon legislature in 1941 as the forestry research arm of the State of Oregon (see Oregon Revised Statute 526.225). College research provides information to improve the forest-related decisions of those who use, own, operate, or are otherwise affected by management of the forests of the Northwest and the products and services these forests provide.

Who does this research?

Research is conducted by the faculty of the College of Forestry with the assistance of their research assistants and graduate students.  Here is a list of FRL research program areas.

How can I find out more about it?

College of Forestry research appears in articles in peer-reviewed journals and in papers published by the Forest Research Laboratory publications department. Most are available free or at a nominal cost from the College of Forestry Communications Group.

 Who uses College of Forestry research?

Research results are used by many-private landowners, state and federal land-managing agencies, wood processing firms and workers, legislators, environmental agencies and interests, and others. Thus, Laboratory research affects virtually all Oregonians because of the importance of forests to them and to their state's economic health.

Interdisciplinary and Cooperative Research

College scientists also take part in many interdisciplinary and cooperative research ventures with colleagues from other universities, the Forest Service and other agencies, and private industry. The following links lead to some of them:

Departmental Research

Research at OSU