Forest Utilization Society

The goal of this student organization is to bring a spirit of fellowship to students, faculty, and employers, and to promote awareness about forest products and forest products issues and events. Membership is open to anyone at OSU interested in forestry and forest products, and events are built around curriculum in the Department of Wood Science & Engineering in the College of Forestry. Club activities include social events, bi-weekly meetings, Wood Magic community outreach, weekend trips, hosting guest speakers, and short field trips to local companies in forest products professions.

FUSE is really working to branch-out (pun intended) at OSU. The Forest Products Society (FPS) is our national chapter and supports our local involvement. Forest products are used in many applications and it is important that we diversify and create new opportunities and connections as a club. As much as our goal is to promote awareness and create opportunities for professional development, FUSE prides itself on being one of the most fun and creative clubs on campus. Involvement at meetings is rewarded with homemade food, a friendly and comical atmosphere, and awesome games. Check us out!

Membership information

The Forest Products Society is an international not-for-profit technical association founded in 1947 to provide an information network for all segments of the forest products industry. Membership is open to private and public research and development, industrial management and production, marketing, education, government, engineering, and consulting.



To be the international leader for advancing the sustainable use of renewable cellulosic resources through science and technology.


Contribute to global stewardship by encouraging the social, economic and environmentally sustainable use of wood and other renewable cellulosic materials.


Implement the Mission and provide value to members and partners by:

  • Leading the international exchange of scientific discoveries, innovation and technical knowledge,
  • Facilitating innovative and intelligent, contemporary use of renewable materials within architectural, engineering, manufacturing, construction and bioenergy communities,
  • Educating and shaping public opinion and policy about renewable materials through science-based knowledge,
  • Providing services to build the scientific knowledge base, ultimately resulting in technological advancements for end-users.


Members pay an annual fee to access the publications, research tools, technical conferences, and highly diverse network. Students may apply for membership at a reduced cost and gain access to all the same benefits as a full member. In addition to the national resources available, the Pacific NW Sector of FPS is currently being established and will provide extra support for students at OSU. 

Club Information

Open - President

Open - Vice-President

Open - Secretary 

Open - Treasurer

Open - Council Representative

Scott Leavengood, Faculty Advisor

Eric HansenFaculty Advisor

All-members Meetings

Fall term meetings TBD


FUSE began in 2000 as the OSU Chapter of the Forest Products Society. The club was founded to promote professionalism, networking, and unique experiences to students in forestry-related departments at OSU. In 2014, the OSU Chapter of the Forest Products Society became FUSE, the Forest Utilization Society. FUSE has many of the same goals as the OSU Chapter of the Forest Products Society. Today, the club is open to all regularly enrolled students at OSU.

Involvement with the national Forest Products Society was on a downward trend until this year. An emphasis has recently been placed on fostering the relationship between FPS and FUSE to regain connections, gather support, and give a renewed legitimacy to the club.