2019-20 Ambassadors: Jenna Deibel, Spencer Dalton, Chloe Ericksen, Erik Holman, Destiny Pauls, Stacey Dunkley, Zena Greenawald, Eston Hughey

About the College of Forestry Ambassador Program

Mission Statement:
The College of Forestry Ambassadors serve, connect and represent our college and community through student leadership and inclusive outreach.

About the Ambassador Program:
College of Forestry Ambassadors serve as student representatives for the College of Forestry (COF) at Oregon State University. Ambassadors represent the College at a variety of events and programs that support College recruitment, marketing, student services, advising, international programs, experiential education, and alumni, donor and industry relations. Ambassadors assist with on- and off- campus functions, participate in professional conferences, attend alumni and industry events, and give forestry presentations and campus tours.

Program Goals:

  1. Be known to and supportive of other students in the College of Forestry.
  2. Promote College of Forestry undergraduate programs in the region.
  3. Advance the mission of the College of Forestry and increase the awareness of COF to various communities.
  4. Positively represent the College of Forestry with stakeholders, in the forestry and natural resources professional community, and within OSU.
  5. Support all Ambassador team members in their own individual work, efforts, and goals as well of those of the collective group.