Xi Sigma Pi

Xi Sigma Pi, a forestry honor society, was founded at the University of Washington in 1908. The Zeta Chapter was established at OSU in 1921. The objectives of this Society shall be to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forest resources management education, to work for the improvement of the forest resources management profession, and to promote a fraternal spirit among those engaged in activities related to the forest resources.

Membership information

Xi Sigma Pi is open to graduates and undergraduates, as well as faculty, in the College of Forestry. Invitations to join Xi Sigma Pi are sent out every winter term, and the induction ceremony is held at the end of winter term. Invitations to join are extended to all students at any OSU campus (including ECampus) that meet the following requirements:


For undergraduates, the requirements are:

  • Regular registration in the College of Forestry (any major).
  • Junior standing or above, including transfer standing.
  • 90 or more quarter credits for resident undergraduates; one-and-a-half quarters of residence at OSU for transfer undergraduates.
  • 12 or more quarter hours specifically in forest/natural resources management courses.
  • Must have a B-average or better (3.0+ GPA) at the time and induction and maintain this academic performance while a member. 
For graduates, the requirements are:
  • Regular registration with major work in the College of Forestry.
  • 12 or more former or current quarter hours specifically in forest/natural resources management courses and one-and-a-half quarters of residence at OSU.
  • Outstanding academic record as exemplified by a 3.5+ GPA at the time of initiation.
For faculty, the requirements are:
  • Regular residence in the OSU College of Forestry at any campus.
  • Current instruction in forest/natural resources management courses, OR
  • Regular engagement in research or extension activities directly related to forest/natural resources management.
For all members, Xi Sigma Pi strives to foster beneficial character and personality traits. To be elected to membership, a candidate must show a creditable interest in their curriculum and give promise of attaining high professional achievement. Thus, election to membership in this Society is dependent on a composite rating rather than upon scholastics alone. Each candidate must submit answers to a series of short essay prompts to be officially considered for membership. The essay prompts must seek to address each candidate’s level of aptitude in each of the following categories:
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Dependability
  • Teamwork
  • School, community, or industry involvement and/or leadership
Additionally, one letter of recommendation from an instructor, supervisor, mentor, or other professional individual that is not related to the candidate that can speak to the candidate’s level of aptitude in the preceding categories will be required for initiation.
Members are required to pay the one-time lifetime national dues at the time of initiation. The Zeta Chapter reserves the right to assess reasonable dues.

Club Information

Forester - Michael Winfield

Assistant Forester - Jessica Lindley

Event Coordinator/Ranger - Martha Dawson

Fiscal Agent - William Hirsch

Faculty Advisor - Bogdan Strimbu

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2021 Induction Meeting