The College of Forestry provides professional academic advisors who are experts on your curriculum, College and University policies, and student development. Our primary purpose is to assist our students in making the most of this educational opportunity. Your Forestry advisor will stay with you from orientation to graduation.

COF Academic Advisors are working remotely and available to students by mobile phone or email.  Advising appointments will be conducted by Zoom or phone.  

 How much time should I schedule? You can have as much time as you need! These are suggestions to help you.

15 Minutes 25 Minutes 50 Minutes
  • Quick question or check-in
  • Following up on a recent meeting
  • I need a signature
  • Petition for course substitution
  • My course plan is in MyDegrees and I'm ready for my PIN
  • Planning and PIN for one term
  • Internships or research
  • Study abroad
  • Resource referral
  • Declaring an option
  • Final check for graduation
  • Planning for Pro-School
  • Change into a COF major
  • Planning for multiple terms
  • Degree completion plans
  • Career exploration
  • Multiple topics to cover
  • Academic difficulty and success strategies
  • Individualized Specialty Option (for NR)


Granger, Autumn
Peavy Forest Science Center (PFSC) 116-J
(541) 737-9135
(541) 791-6733 (mobile)
Majors: Natural Resources, Renewable Materials, Prospective Students
Huber, McKenzie
Peavy Forest Science Center (PFSC) 116-F
(541) 737-2873
(541) 224-6936 (mobile)
Majors: Natural Resources
Jameson, Sandy
Peavy Forest Science Center (PFSC) 116-C
(541) 737-6548
(541) 250-0053 (mobile)
Majors: Forest Engineering, Forest/Civil Engineering, Forestry
Kent, Nicole
Peavy Forest Science Center (PFSC) 116-H
(541) 737-1592
(541) 224-7861 (mobile)
Majors: Head Advisor, Natural Resources, Recreation Resource Management
McLachlain, Terina
Peavy Forest Science Center (PFSC) 116-L
(541) 737-2088
(541) 321-8651 (mobile)
Majors: Natural Resources
Menn, Kerry
Peavy Forest Science Center (PFSC) 116-N
(541) 737-4601
(541) 351-8874 (mobile)
Majors: Natural Resources
Thompson, Beth
Peavy Forest Science Center (PFSC) 116-G
(541) 737-1179
(541) 257-5503 (mobile)
Majors: Natural Resources, Tourism, Recreation & Adventure Leadership

Current COF Students

  • are required to meet with their academic advisor at least once every quarter
  • can schedule using the link next to their advisor's name above

Current OSU Students in other majors
can schedule an appointment with the following Academic Advisors for information on a specific major:

  • Forestry, Forest Engineering, Forest/Civil Engineering: Sandy Jameson
  • Natural Resources: Terina McLachlain
  • Renewable Materials: Autumn Granger
  • Tourism, Recreation & Adventure Leadership: Beth Thompson
  • Undecided: Autumn Granger

Prospective Students

Newly Admitted COF Students

  • First-Years, Transfers, and Post-Baccs who have not attended OSU previously should register for a START orientation session
  • Post-Baccs who previously completed coursework at OSU should schedule an appointment with the Academic Advisor for their major