OSU Financial Readiness and Success Program Questions

Beginning Winter Term 2024 OSU’s allowed account balance threshold for students to register for classes will decrease to $500. Students must have an account balance of $500 or be enrolled in a payment plan at time of winter term registration. For more information check out the Registrar's Financial Readiness and Success webpage. 

This program is offered Winter term 2024 only and is available to students planning to attend Winter term 2024 and need assistance in bringing their student account to the required $500 balance.

REBALANCE - The amount over $500 is moved from your student account to a holding account (maximum amount of $1,700).
REGISTER - Now your balance meets the new threshold and you can register for winter term. 
REPAY - For the next three terms, 1/3 of the amount is moved back from the holding account to your student account and due with your other charges that term.

Call Student Account Services at 541-737-3775 or check out the Registrar's Financial Readiness and Success webpage to learn more. 

Technology Questions: (Email, Beaver Hub, Duo...)

In Summer '23, OSU migrated student emails from gmail to Microsoft 365. Messages were sent about this, but you may have missed it if you weren't checking your OSU email over the summer. More details and instructions about accessing your Microsoft 365 email.

Beginning Monday, November 6, OSU will be activating Verified Duo Push for all OSU students and employees. OSU is updating its Duo multi-factor authentication tool to Verified Duo Push. Check out this brief video to learn about this update and how to use Verified Duo Push: http://beav.es/qqb. If you have problems logging in using Verified Duo Push, contact OSU's Community Network at 541-737-8787 for assiscance.  

How does it work? 
Verified Duo Push will impact the way users engaGe with Duo to approve a login request. Instead of sending a push notififcation asking to approve the request, Duo will show users a one-time, unique verification code that users will need to enter in the Duo Moble app.

Why is OSU making this thange to the Duo authentication tool?
OSU continues to see increasingly sophisticated and malicious phishing attacks and is working to improve security and resiliency by adopting new security measures. 

Yes, Beaver Hub is replacing MyOregonState for students, but not for staff. 

For a complete description of Beaver Hub features, check out the training materials

Registration Questions

There are various reasons you might get a registration error. Maybe you don't have the prerequisite for the class, maybe the class is full, maybe the class is only open to students in certain majors, maybe you have a hold on your account. This chart of common registration errors tells you what the error means and what you shoudl do about it.

There are many different types of holds - some of them prevent registration, and others do not.  You can view your holds in MyOregonState, and some will also appear in MyDegrees.  This chart of hold types will help you determine what hold you have, and how you can clear it.

Is it still Phase I of registration?  If so, you can add a maximum of 16 credits to your schedule.  If you want 17+ credits, you have to wait until your Phase II registration time to add the extra class(es). Search for "registration date and times" in your Beaver Hub

Most departments use wait-listing when a class fills up.  If a section is full, you can register for a place on the waiting list.  You can view more details about wait-listing here

Some registration errors can be resolved by getting a registration override from the department offering the course.  For example, if you have the prereq for a course but the registration system doesn't recognize it, you need a "prereq override" and should request it from the department.  Requests for overrides in College of Forestry classes (FE, FES, FOR, NR, TRAL, WSE) can be submitted here

Important dates for registration, adding/dropping/withdrawing from classes, and changing to an S/U grade, are all in the Academic Calendar

Grading Questions

S/U grading is similar to pass/fail grading. S/U grades carry no grade points and aren't calculated in the GPA.

  • S grade | Satisfactory | Awarded for C- or higher | Credit is earned for the class
  • U grade | Unsatisfactory | Awarded for D+ or lower | No credit is earned for the class

One general rule is that you can S/U a maximum of 36 credits toward your degree.  There are some rules about S/U grades that are specific to your major:

  • Forestry: you cannot S/U any major requirements.  It's okay to S/U a Bacc Core or elective course (unless it's also fulfilling a major requirement).
  • Forest Engr: you cannot S/U any major requirements.  It's okay to S/U a Bacc Core or elective course (unless it's also fulfilling a major requirement).
  • Forest-Civil Engr: you cannot S/U any major requirements.  It's okay to S/U a Bacc Core or elective course (unless it's also fulfilling a major requirement).
  • Natural Resources: you are allowed a maximum of two S grades in your major.  
  • Renewable Materials: you cannot S/U any major requirements.  It's okay to S/U a Bacc Core or elective course (unless it's also fulfilling a major requirement).
  • TRAL: you cannot S/U any major requirements.  It's okay to S/U a Bacc Core or elective course (unless it's also fulfilling a major requirement).

You have until Friday of week 7 to change your grading to S/U. You do that by completing a "Change of Grading Basis" form in MyOregonstate.  Here are the instructions

You can withdraw from a class until the end of week 7.  Instructions are here.  

If you want to withdraw from all your classes you need to "withdraw from term."  Instructions are here.

If you have encountered extenuating circumstances and cannot complete a class by the end of the term you can request an incomplete grade from your instructor. Full details are here.  

Books and Materials Questions

You can enter your classes into the textbook finder on the OSU Beaverstore Website.  This will show you the required and optional texts (if there are any).  You’ll see the new and used prices for the Beaverstore as well as prices from other online retailers.  If you’d like, you can order the texts from the Beaverstore and arrange to have them shipped or picked up from the Corvallis store.  Some students like to wait until they get the syllabus on the first day of class to decide what to purchase.  The syllabus may also indicate if the course materials are available to check out from the OSU Library.

Other Questions You Might Have

Yes- All new students are required to complete trainings for safe and inclusive communities. Starting this year, the State of Oregon pass a bill requiring all students to take an annual training related to gender-based violence. Students will receive a notification email with a link to their learning dashboard, and a reminder in Beaver Hub.

Students should contact the Administrative Manager or Department Head of their academic unit (FERM, FES, or WSE).