Funding Your International Experience

Wherever you want to go, we can help you get there. Oregon State and the College of Forestry offer a number of scholarships for undergraduate students, graduate students, and interns, as well as help with applying for external grants, sponsorships, or scholarships. 

Apply EARLY for scholarships! You can submit your application for a scholarship up to a year before being accepted to a study abroad program or international experience. 

Financial Aid 

Visit the Financial Aid office website for guidance on using your financial aid package to help cover the costs of international experiences. Financial aid can be used for OSU-approved international programs. 

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OSU Global Scholarships Advising

OSU's National and Global Scholarships Advising office supports high-achieving undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni throughout the process of applying to select, nationally-competitive scholarships and fellowships, including a variety of international opportunities. Book an appointment and they will explore opportunities together with you! Many scholarship applications are due in March and September, so plan ahead. 

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CoF Scholarships

Scholarships for CoF students

OSU Resources

Scholarships resources for OSU students of any college and major

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External Resources

Non-OSU scholarships for students of any college and major


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