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Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, the top-ranked College of Forestry is global in its outlook and impact. We welcome scholars and students from all over the world to collaborate with us in our classrooms, forests and labs. Our diverse faculty conducts research with global partners to shape understanding of our planet’s health and sustainable resource use. We offer study and internship programs from the biodiverse rainforests of Borneo to state-of-the-art wood manufacturing facilities in the Austrian Alps, and frequently host interns and exchange students from around the world. The International Programs team is committed to developing networks and providing opportunities for learning across borders through research, travel, and collaboration.


In alignment with the College of Forestry's overarching commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the International Programs Office aspires to create a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for OSU students going abroad, international students coming to COF, and for our visiting faculty, researchers, and partners. We are committed to providing equitable and inclusive opportunities and supporting an affirming and fulfilling experience for all COF community members to enhance their academic, professional, and personal goals through international activity.  An international experience – study, research or internship - is an amazing way to learn about yourself, your field, and the world around you, and we believe that every person should have that opportunity. The breadth of lived experiences and identities in our global COF community is what makes our programs life-changing.


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Our team is dedicated to helping you branch out internationally.


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At Oregon State University, you have the opportunity to study, research and intern abroad so when you graduate you haven’t just earned a degree, you’ve developed a perspective that will help guide your future. 



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