About the College of Forestry

The College of Forestry at Oregon State University is an excellent destination for students, interns, and researchers. As a global leader in sustainable forest production and conservation, OSU is one of the best research universities for Forestry. Many of Oregon's best forests are largely used for recreation and tourism, which means students are able to study, explore, and play in over 30 million acres of state forests.

The College of Forestry owns about 15,000 acres of college forests that students use for research and as an outdoor classroom. Much of this land is easily accessible from Corvallis, and is open to the public, so it's a great recreation area for hiking, biking and other activities.

There are three departments within the College of Forestry, with academic programs at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels:

Forest Engineering, Resources & Management

Forest Ecosystems and Society

Wood Science & Engineering


Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

  • Forests and Climate Change (ECampus, certificate)
  • Natural Resources (ECampus, master's degree)
  • Sustainable Natural Resources (ECampus, certificate)
  • Urban Forestry (ECampus, certificate)
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Water Resources


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