You should take the lead on your academic planning to set yourself up for the best possible experience at OSU.  It's best to do some planning before you meet with your advisor.  Here are tools for your planning.

Step 1: Review the Advising Guide for your major 

This will help you understand your requirements (classes, minimum grades, etc).  If there are requirements where you can select from multiple classes, you might want to highlight the classes that look most interesting to you.  

Step 2: Get familiar with the Schedule of Classes  

You'll use the Schedule of Classes (SOC) a lot.  Use it to read the description for a class, to see any prerequisites you need before taking a class, and to get all the details about when a class is offered and the campus it's available for.  You'll also use the SOC to select course sections when you're doing course registration.

Step 3: Review your MyDegrees

MyDegrees is your tool for planning and tracking progress toward your degree.  The Degree Checklist page lists each requirement for your degree and indicates whether it's complete, in-progress, or still to be done.  The Planner feature allows you to create a term-by-term plan laying out your future courses.  If you're new to MyDegrees, you might like this 4-minute Intro to MyDegrees video.  

Step 4: Start planning your classes

Now that you're familiar with your degree requirements and MyDegrees, you can start a term-by-term planner.  This will be helpful when you consult with your Academic Advisor, and when it's time to register for your classes. Create a Planner in MyDegrees and populate it with courses you want to take in upcoming terms.  Eventually, you'll want a plan that includes everything you need to graduate.  As you're starting your plan, you should aim to plot out at least 3 terms. You can consult the Schedule of Classes to determined when a course if offered on your preferred campus, and to see if it requires any prerequisites.  Here's a 3-minute tutorial on using the MyDegrees Planner


The College of Forestry provides professional academic advisors for each major.  Your COF advisor will stay with you from orientation to graduation.  You should consult with your advisor every term.

Advisors can help you with:

  • Navigating COF and OSU processes, policies, and opportunities
  • Choosing the best courses for your interests and goals
  • Campus & COF resource referrals
  • Academic success strategies
  • Other questions regarding degree completion

Current COF Students can schedule an appointment with their assigned advisor.  Your advisor's name is dispalyed at the top of your MyDegrees page.

Current OSU Students in other majors can schedule an appointment for information on a specific major:

  • Forestry, Forest Engineering, Forest/Civil Engineering: Sandy Jameson
  • Natural Resources: Terina McLachlain
  • Tourism, Recreation & Adventure Leadership: Beth Thompson
  • Wood Innovation for Sustainability: Nicole Kent
  • Undecided: Nicole Kent

Prospective Students can schedule a prospective student appointment

Newly Admitted COF Students should complete an orientation program.  You'll be connected with your advisor in the orientation process.  



You need a PIN to unlock the registration system so you can sign up for classes.  You get a new PIN every term, and you always get your PIN from your academic advisor.  After you've had your quarterly advising meeting, your advisor will leave your PIN in the notes in your MyDegrees.  

When to Register - Priority Registration

Your registration for the upcoming term opens up at a specific day and time.  Registration for OSU classes is divided into two phases.  

Phase 1: Your first opportunity to register.  You can get up to 16 credits in Phase I.  There's no wait-listing in Phase I.
Phase 2: Your opportunity to add credits beyond the additional 16. Waitlisting begins in Phase 2.

Find your registration time by searching "View Priority Registration Status" in Beaver Hub.  More details on registration day and time is available from the Office of the Regsitrar. 

How to Register

Having Issues With Registration?

Please try these resources before contacting your advisor: