Current projects

Ongoing - Awarded 7/1/2022 (FY23)

  • Quantifying the Effects of Wildfire on Water Quantity, Water Quality, and Fish: The Hinkle Creek Watershed Study Revisited -- Kevin Bladon, Dana Warren, David Roon (3 years, $144,488)
  • Post-wildfire Resurvey of Terrestrial Salamanders on Managed Forests  -- Tiffany Garcia, Jessica Homyack, Claudine Reynolds, Meg Krawchuk, Andrew Kroll (3 years, $133,162)
  • Responses of Fish to Forest Management: Evaluating How Different Riparian Reserve Configurations Affect Fish and Food Webs in Headwater Streams -- Dana Warren, Ashley Coble (2 years, $113,766)

Ongoing - Awarded 7/1/2020 (FY21)

  • Multi-scale habitat value of slash piles for conserving rare carnivores -- John Bailey, Katie Moriarty (2 years NCE, 6/30/2023, $103,559)
  • Red tree voles in working forests -- John Bailey, Katie Moriarty (3 years, $117,862)
  • Where is it the most effective to restore streams?  Salmon habitat restoration using large wood: linking stream geomorphic change and restoration effectiveness -- Catalina Segura, Sandara Villamizar, Erik Suring, Christopher Lorion (2 years NCE to 6/30/2023, $151,623)

 Ongoing - Awarded 7/1/2019 (FY20)

  • Development of native bee identification keys for the Pacific Northwest -- Jim Rivers (3 years NCE to 9/3/2023, $125,405)

Ending - Awarded 7/1/2019 (FY20)

  • Assessing the response of aquatic biota to alternate riparian management practices-- Dana Warren, Ashley Coble (3 years, $184,305)

 Ending - Awarded 7/1/2018 (FY19)

  • Biodiversity in natural and managed early seral forests of Southern Oregon -- Meg Krawchuk, Matthew Betts, James Rivers, A.J. Kroll, Jake Verschuyl, Mark Swanson (3 years  NCE, $250,417)
  • Black-Backed woodpecker vital rates in unburned and burned forest within a fire-prone landscape -- Jim Rivers, Jake Verschuyl (2 years NCE, $95,217 )