Submitting Employment Announcements

The College of Forestry Student Services Office manages the Student Employment Opportunities board. Students from all majors and programs have access to the Student Employment Opportunities board.

We are happy to post your job and internship announcements. You can email your announcements as a Word or PDF attachment or a URL to the Student Services Office or complete the webform below.

The following information is required to post a job announcement:

  • Job title and/or rank
  • Job location
  • Wage
  • Beginning date of work (and ending date if seasonal, temporary, etc.)
  • Opening and closing dates that applications will be accepted
  • Description (what are the duties of the position)
  • Minimum and preferred requirements (education, skills, experience, etc.)
  • How and to whom to apply.
  • Contact person and contact number and/or email

Please note: It can take two to three days for your position announcement to post on our online employment site.

If you have questions or need assistance please contact the Student Services Office.