On Site Recruiting Opportunities

The CoF Student Services Office provides employers an opportunity to schedule general information sessions and interview rooms (or provide appropriate referrals for alternate locations).

On-site Interviews
Employers are welcome to schedule interviews in College of Forestry meeting rooms. Please contact Brooke Harrington to help coordinate an interview space. Sign-up sheets (provided by employer) can be made available to students. In addition, we are happy to post the positions you are hiring and interviewing for to the Student Employment Opportunities web page.

General information session
If you are interested in scheduling a general information session, please contact Brooke Harrington, (541) 737-1593.

The CoF Student Services Office will:

  • Post materials (on bulletin boards and in the weekly Fernhopper Blog) provided by you announcing the event (date, time, location).
  • Make available to students interview sign-up sheets (provided by you) for on-campus interviews. Upon your request, sign-up sheets will be emailed to you the day before your campus visit and a hard copy will be provided upon your arrival on campus.
  • Student Services will be available upon your arrival to ensure that your information session runs properly and campus computer equipment is working for presentations. Please bring your presentation on a USB drive.
  • Provide information about the annual College of Forestry Career Fair.

Please send promotional materials to Brooke Harrington via email.

The OSU CoF Student Services will NOT be responsible for:

  • Coordinating, ordering, or paying for any food and/or beverage (F&B) service. You are welcome to bring F&B or arrange for delivery. You are responsible for clean-up of all F&B. We are unable to provide plates, utensils, napkins or cups for any F&B you provide.
  • If you alter the set-up of the room you have reserved, we appreciate you returning the room to its previous configuration.
  • Creating posters, signs, sign-up sheets, etc. for your company/agency/organization.
  • Collecting resumes and/or pre-screening resumes or applicants. If you require resumes prior to your visit, please request that students submit them to you directly via email or mail.

We look forward to working together in the most effective and efficient way to benefit our students, the operations of the College, and employer recruiters. Thank you.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Brooke Harrington at (541) 737-1593.