Conduct & Standards

The College of Forestry takes professional conduct and community standards very seriously. At OSU the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards is the central coordinating office for student conduct related matters, and the CoF upholds their expectations for student conduct and follows their policies and procedures for managing issues of concern. Please be aware of and read the OSU Code of Student Conduct.

What can you, as a student, do if you have a concern about a class, need assistance or advocacy, or have a conduct issue?

Step 1: Talk with your academic advisor. CoF advisors have information, resources, and suggestions for how you may resolve your concern.

Step 2: Was your academic advisor not able to provide a resolution or recommendation? If so, schedule an appointment with the College's head advisor, Nicole Kent.

Step 3: Depending on the situation, the head advisor might refer you to the chair of one of the College's three academic departments. Typically most problems can be resolved at this level especially if your concern is regarding your program/curriculum, a problem in a class, etc. You may also be referred to other college leaders if the situation calls for such action.

Step 4: If your concern is of a broad nature, very serious in its assertions, or cannot be addressed or resolved by working through steps 1-3, you may wish to speak with the Associate Dean of Student Success, Randy Rosenberger.

Step 5: There are also resources at the university level that you have a right to access for advice, counseling, and advocacy. Contact the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards for details.

The Student Resources & Engagement Office, Snell 133, is also always here to help. If you're not sure where to start, need some guidance or suggestions, or just someone to listen to your concern please do not hesitate to visit us or call us at 541-737-1594.

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