College of Forestry Council of Student Organizations

The CoF Council of Student Organizations is a governing body of the sponsored student clubs and organizations in the College of Forestry. The Council serves to:

  • Administer the functions of and funding available to the student clubs and organizations sponsored by the College of Forestry

  • Represent student clubs in the mission of the College of Forestry

  • Coordinate and develop new student clubs within the College of Forestry

  • Oversee Participation Awards for College of Forestry student clubs

The Council is made up of Council Representatives from each club and the CoF Student Services Coordinator. View the constitution.

For more information, please contact:

College of Forestry Student Services
(541) 737-1594


All student clubs and organizations which are sponsored by the College of Forestry are eligible for membership in the Council, but only clubs which have membership in the Council will be eligible to submit proposals for annual Participation Awards. Participation Awards are available for events and activities that positively represent the College of Forestry, provide educational experiences, offer professional development, make efforts toward membership recruitment, and further promote the mission of the College of Forestry student clubs and organizations. Funding is not available for general club management, and is not available to clubs and organizations who do not hold membership in the Council.

Membership is requested through the one-time submission of a letter of intent to join, due by 5:00 of the Friday Week 9 of the preceding Spring Term. In addition, clubs and organizations must submit an annual letter to sumarize their events for the year, stating that the club or organization has met all the membership requirements, due within 30 days of requirement completion.

Funding is requested through the annual submission of a funding proposal, due by 5:00 on the Friday of Week 2 of Fall Term. Funding proposals should include the anticipated price of and details about the specific/significant events that meet funding requirements.

All required letters and proposals must be submitted to the College of Forestry Student Service Office, by 5:00 on the Friday of the week noted above.

Membership in the Council requires that clubs and organizations:

  • Participate in at least 3 CoF/OSU events, including but not limited to the SAF Job Fair, Federal and State Employer Panels, Annual Ring, Beaver Community Fair, Lunch with Leadership, Dean's Office events, and approved club-specific educational activities
  • Engage in at least 1 membership drive per year
  • Engage in at least 1 fundraiser per year
  • Sponsor at least 1 CoF workshop or professional development event per year
  • Attend an all-officers, all-clubs CoF Student Clubs meeting each year

The Council Representatives are elected as officers in their club or organization during the normal election processes. They cannot represent more than one club as the Council Representative, nor hold other officer positions within their club. The Representatives are eligible for a stipend for their participation in the Council, and must:

  • Attend and participate in all Council meetings (8 per academic year)
  • Ensure that their club or organization is meeting the requirements for membership in the Council
  • Work with their club or organization Treasurer, President, and other officers to submit an annual proposal for Participation Awards
  • Submit the letter of intent to join and the annual summarization of events and activities