Past projects

Funding for the six projects below ended in FY 2016.

1. Effects of Landscape-Scale Forest Management on Pacific Marten Occupancy and Population Connectivity in Coastal Oregon(FY 15-FY 16) -- John Bailey, Katie Moriarty

2. Assessing the Demographic Response of Early Seral Songbird Species to Intensive Forest Management (FY 15-FY 16) -- Matthew G. Betts, James W. Rivers

3.  Top-Down Effects of Wildlife and Bottom-Up Drivers of Soils and Productivity in Intensively Managed Forest Plantations (FY 16) -- Jeff Hatten, Matt Betts, Thomas Stokely

4. Natural Variability in Water Quality and Changes after Forest Harvest in the Trask Watershed  (FY 15-FY 16) -- Jeff Hatten, Alba Argerich, Sherri Johnson

 5. Experimental Evaluation of Plethodontid Salamander Responses to Forest Harvesting (FY 15-FY 16) -- Barbara Lachenbruch, Tiffany Garcia, Andrew J. Kroll, Blake Murden

6. Modeling Geomorphic Response to Large Wood Introduction as a Strategy to Restore Fish Habitat in Managed Forest Watershed (FY 15-FY 16) -- Catalina Segura, Christopher Lorion, Stacy A. Polkowske