International Internships and Research


International internships allow students to pursue professional experience on a global level while receiving academic credit and using financial aid and scholarships to support time abroad.


International internships and research opportunities are open to all College of Forestry students, including Ecampus students! They are also one of the most affordable and versatile options abroad, pairing academic learning with real-life experience.


Internships are available:

  • In the following areas: forest engineering; forest management; wood product development; marketing and trade; natural resource management; community development; forest and wildlife conservation and ecology; recreation and tourism; wood science; and renewable material development. 
  • In all types of professional organizations including research labs, industry, small businesses, NGOs, government agencies, non-profits and education.
  • In many world languages including English.
  • At all times of year.
  • For undergraduate and graduate students.

Most internships are 3-6 months in duration. Internship providers often help interns find housing, get oriented to their work place and environment, and develop critical work skills. Many also provide stipends or other support to help cover costs. The College of Forestry accepts applications for internships up to a year in advance on a rolling basis.

Credits depend on location and length of stay as well as your personal goals:

  • Minimum 1 credit per term
  • Can be undergraduate, graduate, or used as required work practicum for your degree
  • 3 credits which requires one internship reflection paper
  • 6 credits which requires reflection paper as well as a formal report on the project that you completed



  • OSU GO Admin Fee $200
  • College of Forestry Admin Fee $200
  • Travel insurance $ varies between 30-100 depending on length of stay
  • You will not pay for tuition credits
  • Costs due directly to the host organization. May include lodging, food, or other program costs
  • Visa in case of long-term internship


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(This form is for current OSU students interested in internships abroad. For international students interested in coming to OSU for an internship, click on our page for Visiting Scholars & Interns.) 


If you would like to undertake research or wish to attend a conference abroad and are looking for funding, apply for the Dean's Fund Award. Available for both undergrad and graduate CoF students, you can apply for funding for your international experience. Click here for more information on the Dean's Fund.

The National and Global Scholarships Advising office provides guidance and advising throughout the application process for select, nationally-competitive scholarships and fellowships for research and study abroad. Email LeAnn Adam at for more information. 

If you have conducted research as an undergraduate or graduate and want to share your projects at conferences, we can help with that as well. Previous CoF students have attended conferences in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and other locations. 

Read about one student's experience in Chile!



Sabah Forestry Department facilitates academic growth and achievement of international students through this incredible internship. Students will work with forestry technicians and experts to support the integration of conservation in the management of Malaysian forests. Develop skills in sustainable forest management by utilizing new technology and resources through scientific research. Interns will have the opportunity to apply their experience and knowledge to the delicate rainforest ecosystem of Sabah and gain a greater understanding of the socio-economic needs addressed through the Forestry Department. If you're interested in wildlife conservation, interns have also helped on their elephant tracking and bird monitoring programs. Housing and meals provided, students will stay at the Forest Research Centre in Sepilok, Sandakan.                          

Good For: Forestry, Wood Innovation for Sustainability, and Natural Resources majors.     

Where: Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.     

Application Deadline: March, 1st.     


Forever Sabah envisions a sustainable and equitable future for the state, its ecosystems, and its communities. The program supports complex relationships and the interconnectedness of community well-being and biodiversity conservation. Students will learn through responsibility, participation, reciprocity, and trust on how to achieve more effective, large scale, and collaborative results. Interns will work with team leaders on goal oriented projects such as wetland and watershed restoration, sustainable tourism, sustainable palm oil use, and agricultural livelihoods. Accommodations and food provided.

Good for: TRAL, Forestry, Sustainable Forest Management, and Forest Engineering majors.

Where: Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Application Deadline: March, 1st.

Borneo’s Sun Bear Conservation Center welcomes students from multiple academic backgrounds to aid in the restoration and revitalization of the center’s wildlife, including the world’s smallest bear! Interns will learn from wildlife experts and conservation enthusiasts on how Malaysia’s forestry and palm oil development continues to threaten the Sun Bear species of Southeast Asia and how rehabilitation centers such as this one can help maintain their populations. Students will work with BSBCC employees on a multitude of projects including restoration, animal welfare, education, research, and ecotourism.

The Kinabatangan River habitat restoration project allows students to contribute to the revitalization of what once was sun bear habitat. Over harvesting of Borneo’s forests has caused degradation of thousands of acres of sun bear habitat, making this project and the BSBCC a vital need for the species recovery. Students will work with the project coordinator and other volunteers to replant, educate, and protect the natural resources of the Kinabatangan River and surrounding natural areas.

Good for: TRAL, Natural Resources, and Fish and Wildlife majors.

Where: Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Application Deadline: March, 1st.          

Bornean Sun Bear

Brazil’s IPBio works towards the integration of conservation education and the sustainable utilization of natural resources for the promotion of community well-being. Students working with IPBio will learn about Brazil’s biodiversity, ecology, and the relationship between flora, fauna, and local communities. As an institution that works with experts and volunteers from all over the world, IPBio is always looking for and open to new ideas and hardworking individuals who value the importance of research and biodiversity conservation within the five targeted Brazilian Biomes. Tasks include bird, fish, mushroom, and mammal inventorying, reforestation and nursery work, and physical ecological restoration. Typical work days begin at 9:00 AM and end at 3:00 PM, with occasional nights needed. Volunteers are required to pay 850 reais ($175 USD) per week for the coordinator, accommodations, internet access, and project costs.

Good for: Natural Resources, Forestry, Forest and Wildlife Conservation and Ecology majors.

Where: São Paulo, Brazil.

Application Deadline: February, 15th.

Colombia’s Cauca River Forest Research and Conservation Center aims at offering and developing alternatives for the spread of plant material, education, and research on tropical forests and other ecosystems within the middle basin of the Cauca River. As one of the most threatened ecosystems in the country, the protection of the tropical dry forest is highly prioritized with the aid of other non-governmental organizations and the communities of northwest Antiquia. Interns here will develop skills in replantation, conservation, eco-tourism, bioeconomy, and conduct research on topics such as restoring, protecting, and conserving the Colombian tropical dry forests through collaborative efforts with institution leaders and experts.

Good for: Natural Resource Management, Renewable Material Development, Forest Management, and TRAL majors





Students interested in researching the development of sustainable wood and other biomaterial products will thoroughly enjoy their time at Scion. As a Crown research institution, Scion provides interns with state of the art technology and innovation that aids in the learning and skill building experiences. Students will have the opportunity to work with industry experts on how to provide New Zealand with positive environmental, social, and economic outcomes through resilient planted forests, productive timber, and sustainable product solutions. Additionally, students will have the option to perform their own research project with a provided and supervised lab space, gaining an enhanced ability to independently work towards renewable solutions.

Good for: Wood Science, Renewable Material Development, Wood Innovation for Sustainability, Forest Management, and Soil Science majors.

Where: Rotorua, New Zealand.

Innovation in wood product design and engineering are top priorities for the Forestry Institute of Chile. There are Multiple Programs that OSU interns can work with including natural forest management, ecosystem restoration, watershed conservation, nursery and plant production-germination, and non-forested timber products. Students will work with industry leaders to learn and build skills in the beautiful Chilean forests. Offsite accommodations and food are available for $150/month (room) or $400 a month (cabin). Interns must be available for more than 2 months, with 4-6 being preferred.

Good for: Forest Engineering, Natural Resources, and Wood Innovation for Sustainability majors. 

Where: Santiago, Chile


Castilla La Mancha University (Albacete Campus) is welcoming undergraduate, masters, and PhD students to join them in researching sustainable practices for reducing negative wildfire impacts and postfire restoration initiatives in Mediterranean ecosystems. Students will use a variety of skills such as soil erosion modeling, soil and plant diversity surveys, statistical analysis work, and lab analysis on soil bulk density and other physiochemical soil properties. Expenses include student housing and airfare while the cost of tuition is payed in full by Oregon State University International Programs.  Join the University in evaluating how these restoration techniques can affect soil and plant ecosystems by increasing or decreasing wildfire impacts, and the effects of wildfires on forest ecosystem multifunctionality. 

Good for: Natural Resource, Sustainable Forest Management, Soil Science, and Forest Engineering majors. 

Where: Albacete, Spain.

The Ecole Supérieure du Bois (ESB) was founded in 1934 and is the first higher education institution in wood science and technology. The research activity developed by ESB aims to explore the potential of wood and bio-based materials, to find new applications, and develop sustainable uses. The wood weathering internship at ESB is a scientific project that includes research on weathering in natural and artificial conditions, observations of the degradation process of different wood species, microbiological investigations on the presence or absence of fungi and bacteria, and exposure based color changing observations at the microscopic level. Interns will have access to a full wood workshop with accurate machines to prepare samples, optical microscopes, a basic microbiological laboratory, QUV weathering machines, xylotheque with more than 1000 species, and more. The ESB lab is located on campus in Nantes, France. Interns may have assistance finding housing on or off campus and will be provided meals along with a stipend. The nomination deadline for the International Timber Trade program (autumn semester) is in mid June. The Wood Science and Sustainability program will be open by the end of June with nomination deadlines in mid December. 

Good for: Wood Innovation for Sustainability, Forest Engineering, and Microbiology majors.

Where: Nantes, France

The Kibale Association for Rural and Environmental Development (KAFRED) is welcoming students from the College of Forestry and College of Agricultural Sciences for a number of activities within the beautiful Bigodi forest in Uganda, Africa. Student interns can work with and learn from conservation stewards by performing tasks such as tree phenology, primate monitoring, conservation awareness building, monitoring succession within the Bigodi wetland forest, and monitoring species interaction between the Kibale forest National Park and the Bigodi wetland forest. Interns will be supplied with all needed field tools and will pay a fee of $150 a month to ensure staff availability to lead projects and tasks. Although there is plenty of available housing within the community, students usually stay at Tinka's Homestead; a locally owned hosting facility. At $850 a month, students will be well secured and provided a room with mosquito nets and 2-3 locally and organically grown meals a day. 

Good for: Sustainable Forest Management, TRAL, Forest Ecosystems, Ecological Engineering, Fish and Wildlife, and Wildlife Sciences majors.

Where: Bigodi, Uganda.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Carlingford Adventure Centre fulfills the dream of leading a life of adventure on the Irish coast by providing outdoor pursuits and activity holidays in a safe and friendly environment for kids and adults alike. The facility offers a comprehensive range of recreational activities from land, to sea, to sky, including kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, and hill walking. Student interns will work as trainee instructors and group leaders and will learn from trained experts to acquire skills needed for a diverse ray of water sports and land-based activities. Carlingford serves an aray of clients from school kids, families, sports clubs, and corporate businesses. Housing and meals will be provided.                                                                                      

Good for: TRAL majors       

Where: Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland                                                                                                               




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