Faculty-led Program Application Tips & Tricks

Are you interested in applying for a Faculty-led Program? Here are some tips for submitting a strong application. 

Application Flow

  • After beginning your application, you are permitted to save and return to it repeatedly. Just make sure you complete all items before the deadline!


  • Applications require 1 recommendation.
  • Plan ahead! Reach out to your reference person well ahead of the deadline - at least a few weeks. Don't assume your reference (likely a professor with a busy schedule) will have time to complete a strong recommendation for you a day or two before the deadline.
  • For the faculty-led program recommendation, it's important to choose someone who knows you pretty well. An OSU professor or advisor is ideal. If you don't have an OSU professor/advisor that knows you well, consider submitting 2 recommendations - someone from OSU and also a supervisor or former instructor from outside of OSU. 
  • Approach your reference person (in person, with a phone call, or over email) and kindly explain what you are applying for (and why), and ask whether they might be willing to support your application by completing a recommendation questionnaire. Including your resume or a brief refresher about yourself is helpful too, especially if it's been a while since you had class together. Also be sure that your request is free from any spelling or grammar errors and be professional with whom you are addressing.
  • In the application, you'll need to enter the email address of your recommender, and the system will auto-send them a link to complete a questionnaire about you in the application portal. There will be a place for you to list any classes you had with them or other notes you want them to see. Note that it is not necessary for them to write a separate letter. (On the other hand, most scholarships require a letter of recommendation, so if you are ALSO asking for a scholarship recommendation, they may need to complete a letter for the scholarship AND the questionnaire for the program application.)

Essay Questions

  • Applications require 2 short essays.
  • Make sure your essays speak to how the program relates to your academic and career goals - this is your #1 place to shine!
  • Proofread essays carefully. If possible, have a trusted person review them as well. And don't forget about the OSU Writing Center - a fantastic resource that provides support during any stage of the writing process. 
  • Essays should be a substantial paragraph. Enough to give the reader a good sense of your strengths and interest in the topics of the course, but not so long that you lose them. Keep in mind that they'll likely be reading 20+ applications.


  • The application will ask you to upload your most recent unofficial transcript, which you can access by logging into MyOregonState.
  • If you are nervous about a low GPA - apply anyway! Academic performance is only one of many areas where your application will be assessed. Strong essays and a strong recommendation can overcome a weak GPA.

Interview with Program Leader/Coordinator

  • The application will ask you to sign an acknowledgement that you understand an interview may be required - it does not mean your interview has been completed. You need to sign the acknowledgement in order to complete your application. However, the interview will not take place until AFTER all applications have been received and reviewed by the program leaders. You will be contacted AFTER the application deadline about scheduling an interview with the program leaders.


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