Photo of students on shoreline with fishing net from above

Photo Credit: Cedar Coast Field Station

The Salmon Coast: Forest and Resource Management for Sustainability in Canada

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NEW! - Vancouver Island, British Columbia  

March 19 - 25, 2022 (Spring Break) 

Deadline: January 17, 2022


Travel to visit our "neighbor to the North", Vancouver Island, British Columbia. You'll learn about the ecosystems on land and sea, and while this may not be oceans away, you'll find many fascinating opportunities for comparison between the Canadian and US ways of doing things.


We focus on two key resources, salmon and forests: just as here in Oregon, salmon are an integral part of the lives of First Nations/Native Tribes, a valuable economic resource, and intimately tied to the coastal forest ecosystem. The group will explore the environment and ecology of temperate rain forests, learn about the life cycle of pacific salmon, and meet with representatives from local industry, research teams, and indigenous tribal groups. BC's forests include timber plantations, native old growth areas, and public lands managed for conservation, cultural heritage and recreation. During the course, you'll be exposed to multiple perspectives on land appropriation and tenure related to forest ownership and use, policies related to salmon conservation, and the cultural issues and trade-offs surrounding sustainable resource management.

For more information about the course, application process, funding, or other logistical details, please contact Kerry Menn.



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