Italy Wood Manufacturing
Tradition and Innovation in the Wood Construction Industry: A Journey in the Italian Alps

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June 12 - 27, 2022



Climb mountains and move through history as you learn about the past of European wood architecture and the future of timber engineering in the beautiful Dolomites of Italy.

The program is held in Trentino, in the heart of the Italian Alps. Here, students will be exposed to a long-standing tradition of forest management and wood architecture interwoven with cutting-edge research in timber engineering, advanced wood manufacturing, and sustainable design and practice. Students will spend time with researchers, engineers, designers, and manufacturing professionals, and inquire about practices and processes throughout the value chain. Coursework will be complemented with cultural tours, exploring the rich local history, from Stone Age remains to medieval castles, baroque palaces and modern structures. You will not miss some breathtaking hikes in the Dolomites, UNESCO-listed mountain range.

Some possible visits and job shadowing opportunities include: Rubner HolzbauXLAM DolomitiErgodomusRothoblaas, and much more!

Faculty-led programs are available to ALL OSU STUDENTS.