Focus: Spring 2022

We live in a world with increasing global and regional challenges facing our forests and communities. From addressing the impacts of climate change to creating innovative, sustainable wood products to meet the demands of a growing population, science and education will play a critical role in helping ensure our forests and communities flourish.

At the Oregon State University College of Forestry, we take our role as an education, research and outreach leader seriously. We are dedicated to using sound science to prepare those committed to working in our forest landscapes and help inform future policies and decisions.

In this edition of Focus, we share some of our efforts to address the challenges facing our forests, ecosystems, and communities. This issue highlights how we aim to generate scientific knowledge that charts a path forward to benefit Oregonians and help serve the world. In an era where we face sustainability and climate crises primarily driven by society’s rampant consumption of fossil fuels, the work by our researchers and collaborative partners is needed now more than ever.

Spring 2022 Focus Stories

College News and Notes

Once a year, Beavers from around the globe come together for Dam Proud Day, an annual 24-hour online fundraising event dedicated to building a better, stronger, more influential Oregon State University.

Funding gathered during this event directly supports College of Forestry students, who have the highest reliance on self-help loans when paying for tuition and basic needs while at OSU.

During last year’s Dam Proud Day in 2021, the university raised more than $1,138,000 from approximately 4,000 donors, including $64,745 from over 80 donors to the College of Forestry. These funds helped support transformative educational experiences, life-changing research, and other vital programs.

This year’s Dam Proud Day will be on April 27th, 2022. During the event, you will have the ability to give directly to College of Forestry scholarships.

A donation to the College of Forestry will help our students afford a world-renowned education. Your gift will ensure they graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to improve our forests, ecosystems and communities.

For more information and to donate to the College of Forestry, visit our Dam Proud Day donation page.

The Oregon State College of Forestry mourns the loss of these alumni, friends of the college and former faculty. We wish peace and comfort to their family and friends.

Furthermore, we recognize that many people within the college and college community have lost loved during these challenging times. We offer sincere condolences to all who are grieving.

Elizabeth “Betty” Augusta Norris
Friend of the college
Dec. 22, 1934 – Jan. 25, 2022

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