Focus: Spring 2021

Natural disturbances and disasters have a long history of presenting opportunities for society to learn, adapt and thrive. The varied impacts, disasters and challenges of the last year have proven the need for society to be resilient, learn and adapt to new realities. Whether dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic or wildfires, the past year has forced us to overcome and look at new ways to live and work.

But what does it mean to be resilient? From forest landscapes to mass timber design, from communities to the individual, resilience exhibits itself in different ways across the College of Forestry. As a research, education, and outreach leader, we work every day to support healthier forests, resilient ecosystems, and innovative products to benefit people throughout Oregon and worldwide.

This edition of Focus highlights stories of resilience.

Spring 2021 Focus Stories

College News and Notes

This year’s Dam Proud Day was on April 28th, 2021, during which we raised money for College of Forestry scholarships. Scholarships help our students afford a world-renowned education.

The Oregon State College of Forestry mourns the loss of these alumni, friends of the college and former faculty. We wish peace and comfort to their family and friends. Furthermore, we recognize that many people within the college and college community have lost loved ones this past year. We offer sincere condolences to all who are grieving during this time.

Robert Alton Boyd
Class of 1962
Feb. 22, 1939 – June 8, 2020

Robert Ethington
Former Department Head, Forest Products
Feb. 13, 1932 – Dec. 25, 2020

Susan Noella Wells Emmerson
Friend of the college
May 15, 1954 – July 31, 2020

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