Costs & Funding

**Please note: costs were calculated for the 2019 program and are an approximation subject to change**


Estimated costs for 2019 program:


Costs billed to your student account
Costs billed to your student account


E-campus tuition (3 grad credits)


Participant fee (covers lodging, transportation, group meals during program, and all entrance fees)


OSU GO Application Fee


Mandatory Accident & Sickness Insurance (approximation)

Estimated personal expenses
Estimated personal expenses (not on graduate assistantship)


Airfare - subject to change dependent on program location


Other personal expenses (meals not covered by program, airport transfer, communications, toiletries, etc.)


Total estimated program cost


Important passport information

If you do not have a valid passport, we suggest that you go ahead and apply right now. Due to back-ups from the pandemic, the process can take longer than usual (several months). Both first time applicants and renewals are subject to these delays, so we strongly suggest to apply now. While it might seem premature to apply before you are accepted, remember that USA adult passports are valid for 10 years so if you see yourself traveling in the future, it is worth it to apply now!

If this is your first passport, you do have to apply in person, so keep that in mind. If you already have a passport but it has expired, you will receive a new passport number when you renew your passport so it’s best to start early as well because you will need the new number to book flights, etc. This is an additional cost not shown in the above estimates!  

If you do not already have a passport and are getting your first time passport, the College of Forestry has scholarship funds to support you. For more information, see our First-time Passport Funding section! 

Scholarship Information

College of Forestry Students: 

Please look over the Dean's Investment Fund Awards for International Engagement and apply for funding through the Dean's Awards for this program. You can also check out other scholarships on our Funding your International Experience page. 


All OSU Students:

Check out other university-wide funding opportunities on our Funding your International Experience page. Credit-bearing international programs are also eligible for coverage under FAFSA financial aid