Forest Engineering & Management


Forestry Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science in Forestry
    Management Option
    Operations Option
    Restoration and Fire Option

Forestry is the science of developing, caring for, and managing forests and all natural resources within the forest ecosystem. The Forestry program offers three options of study (areas of focus): Management, Operations and Landscape Processes.

  • Management option: focuses on the biological, ecological and economic characteristics of forests and society, and on effectively communicating findings to others.
  • Operations option: focuses on actively managing lands with economic efficiency and with evolving markets and policy, to provide timber and fiber for the nation.
  • Landscape Processes option: focuses on managing for forest disturbance processes, such as wildfire, landslides, insects and disease.




Forest Engineering Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science in Forest Engineering

Prepares students to perform a wide range of engineering tasks associated with the management of forest lands, including:

  • Designing and constructing roads, bridges, culverts, and other structures
  • Developing logging plans and adapting logging systems to achieve quality resource management
  • Designing forestry transportation systems and harvest units




Forest Engieering - Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science in Forest Engineering-Civil Engineering

This five-year dual degree program enables students to earn two bachelor's degrees, one in Forest Engineering and one in Civil Engineering. Students are trained to perform forest engineering tasks, as well as civil engineering tasks, including:

  • Building roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, large buildings, and tall structures
  • Designing water-treatment facilities to reduce water pollution and provide clean drinking water
  • Building dams to provide a source of hydroelectric power
  • Designing functional and aesthetic bridges