Wood Innovation and Sustainability - Art and Design Learning Outcomes

As a graduate of Wood Innovation and Sustainability/Renewable Materials program, you will:

- Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of wood and similar renewable materials that make them challenging to utilize as industrial and building materials.

- Demonstrate command of renewable material moisture content and specific gravity calculations.

- Demonstrate ability to find, compile, analyze and communicate technical information.

- Gain familiarity with the diverse complexity of the Renewable Materials industry, and the challenges it faces with balancing business and environmental goals.

- Demonstrate a combination of technical and business acumen that allows effective management of process and people.

- Gain information and knowledge to become a better global citizen.

- Demonstrate ability to creatively self-direct learning outcomes within the classroom environment and/or through independent undergraduate research.

Art and Design Option

The Art and Design option prepares students to engage with renewable materials on an aesthetic level, whether as interior designers, fine artists, or entrepreneurs. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of renewable materials and how those materials can function visually within the human space. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, students will gain an understanding of green building materials and green architecture. Students in the A&D option may also earn a Visual Arts minor by completing 31 credits of applicable course work.