Stay At Home Lecture Series

During the Spring 2020 term, the College of Forestry held the Stay at Home Lecture Series. Professors, students, and researchers presented their work spanning a wide range of topics and issues across the forest landscape. The lectures were open to the public and are available for viewing below.

Lecture Archive

A living lab at Peavy Hall: lessons for the mass timber construction industry
Speaker: Mariapaola Riggio, Assistant Professor


CLT industry enters 2020s (to face a different world than imagined)
Speaker: Lech Muszyński


Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium - Day 4
3:00 - Moderator - Welcome
3:03 - Sujit Bhandari - Use of Low-Grade Cross Laminated Timber in Low-Rise Buildings
3:11 - Martin Uranga - Evaluation of Alternative Algorithms for Generating Douglas-fir Tree Lists at Young Plantation Ages
3:19 - Amanda Brackett - Managing the Microclimate
3:27 - Austin Finster - Soil, Productivity, and Operator Comparisons of Tethered Felling Systems Versus Hand Falling on the Olympic Experimental State Forest
3:35 - Patricio Alzugaray - Comparing Performance of Douglas-fir and Western Hemlock Seedlings Produced in Ellepot® and Styroblock Containers
3:50 - Sonia R. Bruck - Influence of Health and Market Access on Agroforestry Adoption Choices: Evidence from Rural Tanzania
4:05 - David Ross - iEconomic Significance of Oregon Timber Exports: A Partial Equilibrium Analysis


Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium - Day 3
3:00 - Moderator - Welcome
3:03 - Madelene Elfstrom - Drought Resistance and Resiliency in Uneven-aged Management in Western Oregon
3:11 - Keiki Howe - Tree Mortality in the McDonald-Dunn Research Forest: Which Characteristics are Associated With the Differential Mortality of Douglas-fir?
3:19 - Sylvan Pritchett - Wildfire and Defensible Space: The Role of Arborists in Wildfire Risk Mitigation in Communities of the Pacific Northwest
3:27 - Rebecca Weber - Assessing Vegetation Recovery and Reburn Severity in the Klamath Siskiyou Ecoregion
3:35 - Emilee Mowlds - Effects of Contemporary Forest Harvest as Disturbance Events on Stream Food Webs
3:43 - Bryan Erik Begay - Assessment of Forest Management Activities Using Photogrammetric Point Clouds
3:58 - Duckha Jeon - Real-time Decision Making on Helicopter Dispatch During Multiple Forest Fires
4:13 - Jun Zhai - The economic consequence of a log export tax in Oregon


Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium - Day 2
3:00 - Moderator - Welcome
3:03 - Lucie Law - Riparian Restoration: Planted Tree and Shrub Survival and Growth
3:11 - Katie Wampler - Investigating the Effects of Wildfire on Downstream Source Water Quality Using the Soil & Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) Model
3:19 - Austin Wissler - Comparing Headwater Stream Thermal Sensitivity Across Two Contrasting Lithologies in Northern California, USA
3:27 - Karla Jarecke - Water Stress Signals in Douglas-fir: Disentangling the Effect of Atmospheric Demand and Soil Moisture Deficit
3:35 - Mandira Pokharel - Timber Faller Safety on Integrated Mechanized Operations in Steep Terrain
3:43 - Sudeera Wickramarathna - Automated Detection of Individual Juniper Tree Centroids and Forest Cover Changes Using Google Earth Engine
3:51 - Skye M. Greenler - Too Hot, too Cold, or Just Right: Can Managing Wildfire for Resource Benefits Restore Historical Fire Conditions?
4:06 - Jenessa Stemke - Spatio-Temporal Variation of Burn Severity in the Chetco Bar Fire


Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium - Day 1
3:00 - Anthony Davis, Interim Dean - Opening Remarks
3:15 - Chantal Tumpach - Supply Chain Approach to Understanding the Cost and Benefits of Sustainable Forest Certification
3:23 - Anna Rose Peterson- Ties to the Land –Creating a Legacy with Succession Planning
3:31 - Erin Baumgart - Can Oregon White Oak (Quercus garryana) Seedling Survival be Increased by Manipulating the Root: Shoot Ratio?
3:39 - Lilah Gonen - Describing a Pacific Northwest Center of Origin of Phytophthora pluvialis, the Cause of Red Needle Cast in New Zealand
3:47 - Matthew Barker - Automatic Methods for Quantifying Coarse Woody Debris from Unmanned Aircraft Systems Imagery
3:55 - Katie Nicolato - Aerial Lidar Quantifies Snag Retention Treatments in Postfire Woodpecker Habitat
4:03 - Graham Frank - The Birds and the Bees... and Plants: Cross-taxon Congruence in Early Successional Forests of the Klamath-Siskiyou


Research/Curriculum Experiences and Opportunities at OSU: Fulbright Research Scholar Perspectives
Speaker: Jim Ayorekire, Assistant Professor - Visiting Scholar


Uncovering the hidden world of a secretive seabird
Speaker: Jim Rivers, Assistant Professor


Recreation Science in our National Parks
Speaker: Ashley D’Antonio, Assistant Professor