Starker Capstone Workshop - Women of Forestry


Join us for the capstone experience to this year’s Starker Lecture Series. Throughout the day, we will explore all aspects of forestry with a focus on women’s leadership and the future of women in the forestry and wood products industry. Activities include:

  • A series of panels hosted by women in the forestry and wood products industries will delve into forest foundations, management, community integration, and what the future looks like.
  • Time to explore resource booths from vendors.
  • A mentor-mentee coffee that will allow space for participants to get together and chat and form new relationships.
  • A lunch and keynote from Nalini M. Nadkarni, professor of biology at the University of Utah, canopy study pioneer and creator of TreeTop Barbie.


  • Regular Registration: $25 
  • Student registration: Free

Standard Registration includes morning refreshments, lunch, AM/PM breaks, and all conference-related materials. Scholarships are available if needed, please contact

Workshop Agenda


8:15am Welcome from Interim President Rebecca Johnson

8:30-9:30am Session 1 - The foundation of a forest

  • Seed Orchard Manager: Anya Hall, Weyerhaeuser
  • Watershed Processes: Catalina Segura, Assistant Professor, College of Forestry
  • Reforestation: Carli Morgan, Forest Inventory, GIS & Reforestation Manager, COF Research Forest
  • Forest Planning: Lauren Grand, Assistant Professor of Practice, OSU Forestry and Natural Resources Extension Agent

9:30-10:30am Session 2 - Managing the forest

  • Forest Management: Lena Tucker, Deputy State Forester, Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Forest Engineering: Jennifer Beathe, Forester and Outreach Manager, Starker Forests
  • Wildlife Management: Fran Cafferata Coe, Certified Wildlife Biologist and Owner of Cafferata Consulting
  • Forest Ranger: Emily Platt, District Ranger, USFS

10:30-11:00am Break

11:00-12:00pm Session 3 - Harvest/Forest products use

  • Log Buyer: Heidi Leib: Logging Contract Coordinator, Boise Cascade
  • Engineering: Paige Edelstein: Senior Business Optimization Coordinator, Boise Cascade
  • Lumber Wholesaling: Aly Kingsley: Director of Administration, Wildwood Trading Group
  • Forest Products Marketing: Dawn Garcia: Director of Marketing, Roseburg Forest Products
  • Third Party Auditing: Camille Chow-Moyers: Lead International Auditor, Benchmark International

12:00-1:30pm Lunch and Keynote Address
Speaker: Nalini M. Nadkarni, Professor of Biology, University of Utah

Dr. Nalini Nadkarni is a Professor of Biology at the University of Utah. She has been a pioneer in forest canopy studies, documenting the ecological roles of canopy-dwelling plants, animals, and soils in maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem function, particularly how they intercept and retain nutrients within tropical and temperate rainforests. Her recent work documents the impacts of natural and human disturbances on forest canopy communities at different spatial scales, from single branches to landscapes. Nadkarni is also a passionate communicator about science to people in all walks of life, and had innovated science and conservation programs for non-traditional public audiences such as faith-based groups, urban youth, artists, and legislators. Since 2003, she has brought science education, conservation projects, and nature imagery to the incarcerated adults and youth around the country. Nadkarni’s work is supported by the National Science Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, and the National Geographic Society. She has written over 140 scientific articles and three scholarly books. Her awards include a Guggenheim Fellowship, the National Science Foundation Public Service Award, the AAAS Award for Public Engagement, the Archie Carr Medal for Conservation, and the William Julius Wilson Award for the Advancement of Social Justice.

1:30-2:30pm Session 4 - Forests and the community

  • K-12 Education: Julie Woodward, Senior Manager of Forestry Education, Oregon Forest Resources Institute 
  • Community Outreach: Jill Bell, Oregon Women in Timber
  • Recreation: Ashley D’Antonio, Assistant Professor of Nature-Based Recreation Management, Gene D. Knudson Forestry Chair, College of Forestry
  • Social Media: Casey Roscoe, Senior Vice-President Public Relations, Seneca

2:30-4:30pm Resource Fair Booths (will still be accessible during the coffee sessions)

  • Dedicated time to engage the expo booths and vendors
  • Offering professional headshots to attendees at no cost
  • design your own Barbie display
  • and more!

3:00-3:30pm Mentor/Mentee Coffee Session
New to your field? Find support. Decades of experience? Pay it forward! This coffee session is a space for participants to make connections that extend beyond the workshop.

  • We will have nametags that allow people to identify themselves as ‘looking for a mentor’, and/or ‘looking for a mentee.’
  • Prompts will be available to help facilitate conversations as needed.

3:30-4:00pm Into the Future Coffee Session
What’s next for women in forestry? This coffee session is for conversations about how to keep the spirit of the workshop going in our classrooms, workspaces, and lives.

  • Prompts will be available to help facilitate conversations as needed.

4:00-4:30pm Workshop Wrap-up 

  • We will end the day with a discussion on how we can move forward as leaders in the field, and discuss impactful moments from the day, along with a group photo of attendees.

Resource Fair Information

Design your own Barbie display

Participants will be given the opportunity to design and bring their own Barbie based on their profession, inspired by Nalini M. Nadkarni’s Treetop Barbie. 

What Barbie will you be? Forest Engineer Barbie? Fish Conservation Barbie? The options are limitless! Worshop participants are encouraged to design and bring their own barbie, based on their careers. 

Nalini will be onsite to talk about her partnership with Mattel and National Geographic to develop a line of career dolls in science, research, and conservation. 

For more on Treetop Barbie, please visit her website. 

For more information on designing your own Barbie, please email We will have a limited amount of Barbies available for those who need it, please email for more details. 

Free Professional Headshots

We will be offering free headshots to participants. Headshots can be expensive, and we want to make them accessible to anyone that needs them. Whether you have never had them done before or just need some updated ones, stop by and have our professional photographer capture some for you. 

Additional Information

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