Safety Committee

Overview about Safety

The College of Forestry is committed to providing a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Safety is the business and responsibility of every College citizen and can be better achieved through proper engineering, education, training, protective equipment, and enforcement of safety y rules. The responsibility begins at the working level and extends upward through Supervisors, Managers, Directors, Department Heads, and Deans to the highest level of administration.The College intends to comply with all relevant University, local, state, and federal occupational and environmental regulations, codes, and standards. The College Safety Committee has the responsibility for establishing and maintaining an effective Environmental Safety Program. The success of these programs can only be achieved through the cooperation and support of everyone.

Committee Names and areas of expertise:

Manual Sections

The College of Forestry Safety Manual is available in a single PDF file. To facilitate the ongoing modification, it has been divided into the following sections:

Section 000 - Dean's Letter

Section 100 - Introduction

Section 200 - Accident Reporting

Section 300 - Laboratory Safety

Section 400 - Forest Field Safety

Section 500 - Office and General Safety

Section 600 - Workshops and Shop Tools

Section 700 (reserved for Industrial Equipment Safety)

Section 800 - Student Logging Crew Safety