Food insecurity remains a significant problem in the state of Oregon and among our students. Rootstock actively works to provide a variety of resources and educational experiences for faculty, staff, and students to ensure that more people in our community have the food and resources they need. 


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CoF Resources

Food Pantry
PFSC 1st floor, event kitchen (across from elevator)
Hours Wednesdays 11:00am-2:00pm
If you need assistance outside of those hours, please visit the dean’s office.


Produce Gleaning
Community Nook, 2nd Floor RH Hall
Leave or take produce from your garden for others to enjoy!
Leftovers will be donated to the Basic Needs Center each week.


Event Catering Gleaning
To go containers will be available for event organizers to leave out after events to save food. Planners are encouraged to utilize the college and OSU Twitter accounts to share this information.


OSU @eatfreeosu

COF @cof_rootstock


2022 College of Forestry Roostock Report 


Upcoming Events


Rootstock Crowdfuning Campaign

October 1-31

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Bobbin’ through the Woods 
College of Forestry Holiday Arts and Craft Fair
Dates December 2-3, 2022
Peavy Forest Science Center
Details to follow


Previous Events

Lecture: “Food Insecurity on Campus and Beyond”

 While Oregon was once one of the most “hungry” states in the nation, it no longer is, in no small part due to the important work of communities, advocates, and the state. But food insecurity among college students at OSU is higher than among the general public in Oregon, and concentrated among a few particular demographic groups. This presentation will discuss the newest findings of an OSU food insecurity study, situate it in the recent history food insecurity in Oregon, and highlight on-going questions about what might be uniquely challenging in addressing food insecurity among students versus the general public. We will also discuss what are the best ways that the OSU community can address these challenges.

Mark Edwards is a Professor of Sociology in the School of Public Policy at OSU. He has researched food insecurity, poverty, inequality, and U.S. social safety net programs for the past 25 years, working closely with the Oregon Food Bank, Oregon Department of Human Services, and the Oregon Hunger Taskforce.

Watch the lecture here 


Ways to give

  1. Donate to our monthly collection drives
  2. Donate produce from your garden
  3. Can/bottle recycling - Do you recycle your beverage containers? If yes, consider donating your ten cents to Rootstock. Bottle Drop bins are located on each floor of Peavy:
     • First floor – FERN Center Lab (next to the paper recycling bins)
     • Second floor – Faculty/Staff Lounge (PFSC 214)
     • Third floor – Next to the stairwell on the east side (closest to PFSC 328)
  4. Personal donations:
  5. Purchase items from our Amazon Wishlist: 





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