Mechanized Harvesting Laboratory

The Mechanized Harvesting Laboratory combines state-of-the-art computer-based forest harvesting machine simulation, mechanical analysis, operations research, and field-based research to increase the knowledge of modern mechanized harvesting systems. Our vision is to provide transformative research that supports technology-based experiential learning for modern forest harvesting systems.

Silviculture and Wildland Fire Lab

This research is lead by John Bailey, the Maybelle Clarke MacDonald Professor of Teaching Excellence in Silviculture and Fire Management. His research focuses on using traditional and experimental silviculture practices to achieve a spectrum of objectives in a landscape, including commodity production, habitat creation, fire risk reduction and ecosystem restoration.

Forest Measurements and Biometrics

This research focuses on three major areas and seeks to develop or extend: imputation methods that support dynamic forest inventory, silvicultural planning, and habitat analysis; sampling and statistical methods to characterize and quantify status and change of selected attributes including biomass and carbon and applications of lidar to forest measurements and assessments. 

Forest Business Solutions

Forest Business Solutions is a research team in OSU's Department of Wood Science & Engineering. As a group, our mission is to develop professionals in forest products marketing and business and to facilitate forest industry competitiveness through education and research. Our vision is to be the leading forest business program in North America as perceived by both peers and industry managers.