DEI Stickers

Visible symbols of our commitment to inclusion are especially critical to those who identify with, or are a part of, under-represented groups. The CoF DEI Workgroup has created stickers for members of the community who want to publicly display for their support for the DEI initiative. These overt indicators visually communicate that we are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive college environment. They also communicate that we value diversity and strive for equity and inclusion help to make those commitments clear and create a more welcoming and open climate in our college and our communities.

By posting this sticker, you are pledging to learn about, support, and engage with DEI initiatives. You are also committing to familiarize yourself with available OSU resources pertaining to DEI. These stickers can be placed anywhere in or around your personal work area, including your laptop, office door or personal bulletin board to indicate that you are prepared to support fellow students and colleagues.

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Sticker FAQ

I’m not a DEI expert.  What if I am asked for support I don’t know how to provide?

Posting this sticker is not meant to suggest that you will have all the answers; rather it is meant to indicate your willingness to listen and refer people to support resources on campus. You are asked to maintain an open mind and a listening ear, and to engage in a non-judgmental dialogue. 


I share a workspace.  What should I do if I want to post a sticker?

If you want to post the sticker in a shared space, such as on the door of a shared office or lab, we ask that you have a conversation with everyone who works in that space regarding the sticker to ensure that all are in agreement. If there are hesitations from your colleagues, please see that they are respected and resolved.  If everyone isn’t in agreement, consider posting the sticker in your personal space or on a personal belonging such as a laptop.


I’m supportive, but now that I read this, I don’t feel comfortable posting a sticker.  What can I do to learn more?

That’s fine. We don’t expect that everyone who supports this initiative will want to publicly display their support. You can learn more about DEI through online resources, workshops and trainings or by contacting the DEI Committee.  We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities to increase your understanding of these issues, and join in the effort to make COF a place where all people feel welcomed and our diversity as a college is celebrated, whether or not you decide to post a sticker.