Commitment to Change

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Scholarships

On September 18th, our nation lost one of our most powerful and dedicated champions of civil rights for all.  Having started her career fiercely supporting the rights of women to equal treatment under the law, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg spent three decades on the Court shaping her opinions and dissents to build a fairer, freer, and more inclusive society.  In the spirit of her legacy, the College of Forestry launched a new incentive program:  Commitment to Change Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Scholarships.   The CoF Dean’s Office sponsored scholarships for College of Forestry employees (faculty, staff, or student employed by the college) that covered costs associated with participating in a national or international program that focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion (up to $2,500 per person/event).

The goal of this professional development program is to facilitate participation in DEI learning and action among the College of Forestry faculty, staff, and students. While we all have different experiences, backgrounds and motivations for engaging in DEI learning, our overarching goals are the same: to increase awareness of how many among us participate in and gain influence from systems of privilege and oppression and to counter these systems to create a more pluralistic and welcoming community in our College, university, and nation. The cumulative impact of this effort will result in a College community that is varied and rich in its understanding and approach to these critical issues. Along the way, we will learn from one another.

Please complete this application to apply for the scholarship.  This program is currently under redevelopment. Questions?  Feel free to contact Cristina Eisenberg, DEI Workgroup Lead, for anything you might need.


A selected list of potential opportunities for professional development in DEI

As an added incentive, the unit (FERM, FES, WSE, Administration) with the highest percentage of employees who engage in a DEI-focused program or initiative within the College will receive the “Dean’s Match” during February Food Drive events which will double the awarded unit’s contribution to the CoF fundraising total.