Previous Dean's Award Recipients


  • The Pauline Barto Award for Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Ray Van Court (individual), Jessica Fitzmorris (individual)
  • Fostering Undergraduate Student Success: Leon Rogers
  • Mentorship of Graduate Students: Tyler Deboodt
  • Contributions as a Student Worker: Nick Miller
  • Graduate Student Leadership: Karla Jarecke (individual), Caitlyn Reilly (individual)
  • Distinction to the College: Meg Krawchuk


  • The Pauline Barto Award for Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Adrienne Wonhof
  • Fostering Undergraduate Student Success: Woody Chung, Bogdan Strimbu, Austin Finster 
  • Mentorship of Graduate Students: Ashley D'Antonio, Mariapaolo Riggio
  • Contributions as a Student Worker: Zowie DeLeon
  • Graduate Student Leadership: Katharine Nicolato, Skye Greenler
  • Distinction to the College: Misty Magers


  • The Pauline Barto Award for Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Shannon Harwood
  • Fostering Undergraduate Student Success: McKenzie Huber
  • Mentorship of Graduate Students: Jed Cappellazzi and Reem Hajjar
  • Contributions as a Student Worker: Kellie Cleaver
  • Graduate Student Leadership: Ray Van Court
  • Distinction to the College: Michael Collins, Chris Dunn, Michael Nagle, and Ari Sinha


  • The Pauline Barto Award for Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Ryan Brown
  • Fostering Undergraduate Student Success: Michelle Maller  
  • Mentorship of Graduate Students: Dana Warren and Temesgen Hailermariam
  • Contributions as a Student Worker: Brent McGrath and Devon Costa
  • Graduate Student Leadership: Raquel Albee
  • Distinction to the College: Lauren Rennan



  • Service (individual): Brent Klumph and Zak Hansen
  • Fostering Student Success: Ruth Fore
  • Research / Scholarship: Bill Ripple
  • Support Staff (individual): Christina Fierro and Juliana Ruble
  • FRA (individual): Yvan Alleau and Anna Magnuson
  • International: Chris Still
  • Student Worker (individual): Kendra Connell and Tiga Evans
  • Extended and Continuing Education: Scott Leavengood



Individual Awards

  • Service (team): John Mikkelson, Art Myers 
  • Fostering Student Success: Dave Stemper
  • Research / Scholarship: Dick Waring
  • Support Staff (team): Chelsey Durling and Penny Wright 
  • FRA: Becky Fasth
  • FRA: Keith Olsen
  • International: Michele Justice
  • Student Worker: Aleksa Wood
  • Extended and Continuing Education (team): Janean Creigton, Carrie Berger


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Melora Park
  • Service (team):Reserach Forest Staff: Ryan Brown, Carol Carlson, Brent Klumph, Matt McPharlin, Steve Pilkerton, Jeff Wimer, Stephen Fitzgerald  
  • Fostering Student Success:  Seri Robinson
  • Fostering Student Success:  Amy Klocko
  • Research / Scholarship:  Mark Harmon
  • Support Staff:  Jessica Bagley
  • Support Staff:  Jessica Fitzmorris
  • FRA:  Milo Clauson
  • Student Worker:  Lucia Hadella


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Caryn Davis
  • Fostering Student Success:  Terina McLachlain
  • Fostering Student Success:  Lech Muszynski
  • Research / Scholarship:  Fred Kamke
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Jason O'Brien
  • Support Staff:  Madison Miller
  • FRA:  Heather Roberts
  • FRA:  Jim Rivers


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Camille Freitag
  • Service:  Mark Klopsch
  • Fostering Student Success:  Clay Torset
  • Research / Scholarship:  Rakesh Gupta
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Paul Ries
  • Support Staff:  Lina DiGregorio
  • Support Staff:  Alan Rudisill
  • International:  Chris Knowles
  • FRA:  Jian Huang


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Christine Olsen
  • Service:  Mark Schulze
  • Fostering Student Success:  Marv Pyles
  • Fostering Student Success:  Jo Tynon
  • Research / Scholarship:  Kaichang Li
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Amy Grotta
  • Support Staff:  Chelsey Durling
  • International:  Jo Albers
  • International:  Robin Rose


Team Awards

  • Service:  Banks Blair, Laurie Holst, Connie Patterson, Terina McLachlain, Dianna Raschio, JoLyn Scott, Marge Victor, (NR Advisors)
  • International Programs:  Susan Morré, David Zahler

Individual Awards

  • Service:  Roger Admiral
  • Fostering Student Success:  David Smith
  • Fostering Student Success:  David Zahler
  • Research / Scholarship:  Bianca Eskelson
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  LeeAnn Mikkelson
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Nicole Strong
  • Support Staff:  Sue Plagmann
  • FRA:  Matt Gregory


Team Award

  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Bob Parker, Glenn Ahrens, Stephen Fitzgerald, Paul Oester (How to Manage Your Forest Team)

Individual Awards

  • Service:  Pat Cordova
  • Service:  Christina Fierro
  • Fostering Student Success:  David Hibbs
  • Research / Scholarship:  Matt Betts
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  John Bailey
  • Support Staff:  Irene Schoppy
  • Support Staff:  Margie York
  • FRA:  Liz Cole
  • FRA:  Greg Latta
  • International Forestry:  Doug Maguire


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Paul Doescher
  • Service::  Terralyn Vandetta
  • Advising and Mentoring:  Mark Needham
  • Research / Scholarship:  Barbara Bond
  • Extended/Continuing Education:  Mike Bondi
  • Extended/Continuing Education::  John Punches
  • Support Staff:  Christopher Jackson
  • FRA:  Travis Woolley
  • International:  David Zahler


Team Awards

  • Service:  Kira Hughes, Kama Luukinen, Sarah Johnson
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Brad Withrow-Robinson & Chal Landgren

Individual Awards

  • Advising / Mentoring:  Lisa Ganio
  • Research / Scholarship:  Randy Rosenberger
  • Support Staff:  Kim Stutzman
  • FRA:  Ken Vance-Borland
  • International:  Eric Hansen


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Alison Moldenke
  • Advising/Mentoring:  Jeff McDonnell
  • Research / Scholarship:  Mark Needham
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Leslie McDaniel
  • Support Staff:  Cheryll Alex
  • Support Staff:  Kira Hughes
  • Faculty Research Assistant:  Doug Bateman and Rob Pabst
  • International:  Olga Krankina


Individual Awards

  • Advising, Mentoring, and/or Resident Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction:    
  • Research / Scholarship:  Cathleen Ma
  • Support Staff:  Denise Steigerwald
  • FRA:  Tom Manning
  • International:  Susan Morré

Team Awards

  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Nicole Strong and Elissa Well   
  • Service:  Sandie Arbogast, Gretchen Bracher, Caryn Davis, Rose Lacey, Nathalie Gitt, Aleece Kopczenski, Steve Cox, David Zahler, Jeff Hino, Debbie Bird McCubbin, Susan McEvoy


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Jim Kiser
  • Service:  George Swanson
  • Service:  David Zahler
  • Advising, Mentoring, and Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction:  Jeff Wimer
  • Research:  Bruce Shindler 
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Susan Sahnow
  • Support Staff:  Penny Wright
  • Faculty Research Assistant:  Doug Mainwaring
  • International:  Badege Bishaw


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Jay Sexton
  • Resident Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction:  Claire Montgomery
  • Advising, Mentoring, and Graduate Instruction:  Steve Radosevich
  • Extended and Continuing Education:Viviane Simon-Brown
  • Support Staff:  Yvonne Havill
  • Support:  Jeff Hino
  • Faculty Research Assistant:  Milo Clauson

Team Awards

  • Trophic Cascades Research:  Bob Beschta, Bill Ripple
  • Mc Donald Dunn Planning Team:  Rick Fletcher, Gary Blanchard, Bill Emmingham, John Hayes, Becky Johnson, 
    Debbie Johnson, Norm Johnson, Dave Lysne, Glen Murphy, Mike Newton, John Sessions
  • College Forest Management Team:  Dave Lysne, Carol Carlson, Jordana Chambers, Tom Edwards, Debbie 
    Johnson, Eric Lamfers, Richard Symons, Trisha Wymore, Dave Young


Individual Awards

• Service:  Paul Foshay
• Advising, Mentoring, and Instruction:  Lisa Ganio
• Advising, Mentoring, and Instruction:  Ed Jensen
• Research:  Jeffrie Husband
• Support Staff:  Tresa Stevens
• Faculty Research Assistant:  Camille Freitag


Individual Awards

• Service:  Carol Carlson
• Service:  Steve Tesch
• Advising and Mentoring:  Debbie Bird-McCubbin
• Extended and Continuing Education:  Mike Bondi
• Research:  Mark Harmon
• Support Staff:  Rayetta Beall
• Faculty Research Assistant:  Markus Weiler

Team Awards

• Service:  Projects and Maintenance Crew:  Rand Sether, David LaFever, Jerry Sills
• Extended and Continuing Education:  Seeing the Forest: Art about Forests & Forestry:  Brad Withrow-Robinson, 
  Viviane Simon-Brown, Scott Reed, Molly Engle


Individual Awards

• Service:  Kathy Howell
• Advising, Mentoring, and Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction:  Barbara Bond
• Research / Scholarship:  Jeff Morrell
• Support Staff:  Gretchen Bracher
• Support Staff:  Sandra Lewis
• Faculty Research Assistant:  Manuela Huso

Team Awards:

• Extended and Continuing Education:  Forestry Media Center:  Jeff Hino, Mark Reed, Judy Sitton and David Zahler
• Dream Team, Special Service Award:  Steve Hobbs, Chair; John Bliss, Vice-Chair; Carol Carlson, Linda Carlson,
  Mike Cloughesy, Camille Freitag, Beverly Law; Jessica Leahy, Jeff Morrell, John Sessions; Phyllis Casner, 
  Support; and Tom Dowling, Facilitator


Individual Awards

• Service:  Beulah Davis
• Service:  Greg Filip
• Research:  John Hayes
• Service:  Elizabeth Kaiser
• Research:  Beverly Law
• Instruction and Advising:  Bruce Shindler

Team Awards

• Extended Education:  Oregon Wood Magic Team:  Jeff Morrell, Patricia Morrell, Margie Hoover, Connie Patterson
• Research:  Biotechnology Research Team:  Jace Carson, Caiping Ma, Richard Meilan


• Service:  Roger Admiral 
• Instruction/Advising:  Marv Pyles
• Service:  Judy Starnes
 FCC and NAUWS (Forestry Computing Committee and Network Administration/User and Workstation Support 


• Stephen D. Hobbs
• Steven H. Strauss
• Bart A. Thielges
• Governor’s Teams for Landslides, Salmon and Fish Habitat


• Forestry Computer Services Team


• Mary Scroggins
• Forestry Food Drive Team


• Sandra Arbogast
• Jeffrie Husband
• Forestry Media Center Production Team


• Glen Folkert
• Connie Patterson
• Forest Science QSG


• Pam Henderson
• Skye Etessami
• Research Forest Planning Team


• David Baldassano
• Fred Friedow
• Jamie Schaup
• Alternative Silviculture Team


• John Tappeiner
• David Hann
• Forestry Extension Team


• Cascades Ecosystem Study Group
• Timber Supply Study Team