Previous Dean's Award Recipients


  • Fostering Undergraduate Student Success: Matt Powers (individual), Greg Goralogia (individual)
  • Mentorship of Graduate Students: Ben Leshchinsky (individual), Elizabeth Swanson (individual), Loren Albert (individual) 
  • Contributions as a Student Worker: India Gerhardt
  • Graduate Student Leadership: Nina Ferrari
  • Distinction to the College: Jenn Bailey-Guerrero, Shannon Murray, Deanne Carlson, Katy Kavanagh, Jeff Behan (group award)  



  • The Pauline Barto Award for Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Rootstock Committee and Food Drive Committee members: Adrienne Wonhof, Allison Culver, Amy Riley, Brooke Harrington, Christina Fierro, Jessica Fitzmorris, Juliet Sutton, Madison Dudley, Nicole Kent, Terralyn Vandetta, Ann Van Zee, Cathy Knock, Hilary McMillan, Jen Elston, Misty Magers, Tunde Jordan, Jenna Baker, Honorable Mentions: Beth Thompson, Chelsey Durling, Irene Schoppy, Julia Lont
  • Fostering Undergraduate Student Success: Kerry Menn (individual), Jim Kiser (individual)
  • Mentorship of Graduate Students: Juliet Sutton
  • Contributions as a Student Worker: Jessica Blunn
  • Graduate Student Leadership: Mark Kerstens
  • Distinction to the College: Madison Dudley


  • The Pauline Barto Award for Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Ray Van Court (individual), Jessica Fitzmorris (individual)
  • Fostering Undergraduate Student Success: Leon Rogers
  • Mentorship of Graduate Students: Tyler Deboodt
  • Contributions as a Student Worker: Nick Miller
  • Graduate Student Leadership: Karla Jarecke (individual), Caitlyn Reilly (individual)
  • Distinction to the College: Meg Krawchuk


  • The Pauline Barto Award for Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Adrienne Wonhof
  • Fostering Undergraduate Student Success: Woody Chung, Bogdan Strimbu, Austin Finster 
  • Mentorship of Graduate Students: Ashley D'Antonio, Mariapaolo Riggio
  • Contributions as a Student Worker: Zowie DeLeon
  • Graduate Student Leadership: Katharine Nicolato, Skye Greenler
  • Distinction to the College: Misty Magers


  • The Pauline Barto Award for Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Shannon Harwood
  • Fostering Undergraduate Student Success: McKenzie Huber
  • Mentorship of Graduate Students: Jed Cappellazzi and Reem Hajjar
  • Contributions as a Student Worker: Kellie Cleaver
  • Graduate Student Leadership: Ray Van Court
  • Distinction to the College: Michael Collins, Chris Dunn, Michael Nagle, and Ari Sinha


  • The Pauline Barto Award for Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Ryan Brown
  • Fostering Undergraduate Student Success: Michelle Maller  
  • Mentorship of Graduate Students: Dana Warren and Temesgen Hailermariam
  • Contributions as a Student Worker: Brent McGrath and Devon Costa
  • Graduate Student Leadership: Raquel Albee
  • Distinction to the College: Lauren Rennan



  • Service (individual): Brent Klumph and Zak Hansen
  • Fostering Student Success: Ruth Fore
  • Research / Scholarship: Bill Ripple
  • Support Staff (individual): Christina Fierro and Juliana Ruble
  • FRA (individual): Yvan Alleau and Anna Magnuson
  • International: Chris Still
  • Student Worker (individual): Kendra Connell and Tiga Evans
  • Extended and Continuing Education: Scott Leavengood



Individual Awards

  • Service (team): John Mikkelson, Art Myers 
  • Fostering Student Success: Dave Stemper
  • Research / Scholarship: Dick Waring
  • Support Staff (team): Chelsey Durling and Penny Wright 
  • FRA: Becky Fasth
  • FRA: Keith Olsen
  • International: Michele Justice
  • Student Worker: Aleksa Wood
  • Extended and Continuing Education (team): Janean Creigton, Carrie Berger


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Melora Park
  • Service (team):Reserach Forest Staff: Ryan Brown, Carol Carlson, Brent Klumph, Matt McPharlin, Steve Pilkerton, Jeff Wimer, Stephen Fitzgerald  
  • Fostering Student Success:  Seri Robinson
  • Fostering Student Success:  Amy Klocko
  • Research / Scholarship:  Mark Harmon
  • Support Staff:  Jessica Bagley
  • Support Staff:  Jessica Fitzmorris
  • FRA:  Milo Clauson
  • Student Worker:  Lucia Hadella


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Caryn Davis
  • Fostering Student Success:  Terina McLachlain
  • Fostering Student Success:  Lech Muszynski
  • Research / Scholarship:  Fred Kamke
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Jason O'Brien
  • Support Staff:  Madison Miller
  • FRA:  Heather Roberts
  • FRA:  Jim Rivers


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Camille Freitag
  • Service:  Mark Klopsch
  • Fostering Student Success:  Clay Torset
  • Research / Scholarship:  Rakesh Gupta
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Paul Ries
  • Support Staff:  Lina DiGregorio
  • Support Staff:  Alan Rudisill
  • International:  Chris Knowles
  • FRA:  Jian Huang


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Christine Olsen
  • Service:  Mark Schulze
  • Fostering Student Success:  Marv Pyles
  • Fostering Student Success:  Jo Tynon
  • Research / Scholarship:  Kaichang Li
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Amy Grotta
  • Support Staff:  Chelsey Durling
  • International:  Jo Albers
  • International:  Robin Rose


Team Awards

  • Service:  Banks Blair, Laurie Holst, Connie Patterson, Terina McLachlain, Dianna Raschio, JoLyn Scott, Marge Victor, (NR Advisors)
  • International Programs:  Susan Morré, David Zahler

Individual Awards

  • Service:  Roger Admiral
  • Fostering Student Success:  David Smith
  • Fostering Student Success:  David Zahler
  • Research / Scholarship:  Bianca Eskelson
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  LeeAnn Mikkelson
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Nicole Strong
  • Support Staff:  Sue Plagmann
  • FRA:  Matt Gregory


Team Award

  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Bob Parker, Glenn Ahrens, Stephen Fitzgerald, Paul Oester (How to Manage Your Forest Team)

Individual Awards

  • Service:  Pat Cordova
  • Service:  Christina Fierro
  • Fostering Student Success:  David Hibbs
  • Research / Scholarship:  Matt Betts
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  John Bailey
  • Support Staff:  Irene Schoppy
  • Support Staff:  Margie York
  • FRA:  Liz Cole
  • FRA:  Greg Latta
  • International Forestry:  Doug Maguire


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Paul Doescher
  • Service::  Terralyn Vandetta
  • Advising and Mentoring:  Mark Needham
  • Research / Scholarship:  Barbara Bond
  • Extended/Continuing Education:  Mike Bondi
  • Extended/Continuing Education::  John Punches
  • Support Staff:  Christopher Jackson
  • FRA:  Travis Woolley
  • International:  David Zahler


Team Awards

  • Service:  Kira Hughes, Kama Luukinen, Sarah Johnson
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Brad Withrow-Robinson & Chal Landgren

Individual Awards

  • Advising / Mentoring:  Lisa Ganio
  • Research / Scholarship:  Randy Rosenberger
  • Support Staff:  Kim Stutzman
  • FRA:  Ken Vance-Borland
  • International:  Eric Hansen


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Alison Moldenke
  • Advising/Mentoring:  Jeff McDonnell
  • Research / Scholarship:  Mark Needham
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Leslie McDaniel
  • Support Staff:  Cheryll Alex
  • Support Staff:  Kira Hughes
  • Faculty Research Assistant:  Doug Bateman and Rob Pabst
  • International:  Olga Krankina


Individual Awards

  • Advising, Mentoring, and/or Resident Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction:    
  • Research / Scholarship:  Cathleen Ma
  • Support Staff:  Denise Steigerwald
  • FRA:  Tom Manning
  • International:  Susan Morré

Team Awards

  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Nicole Strong and Elissa Well   
  • Service:  Sandie Arbogast, Gretchen Bracher, Caryn Davis, Rose Lacey, Nathalie Gitt, Aleece Kopczenski, Steve Cox, David Zahler, Jeff Hino, Debbie Bird McCubbin, Susan McEvoy


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Jim Kiser
  • Service:  George Swanson
  • Service:  David Zahler
  • Advising, Mentoring, and Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction:  Jeff Wimer
  • Research:  Bruce Shindler 
  • Extended and Continuing Education:  Susan Sahnow
  • Support Staff:  Penny Wright
  • Faculty Research Assistant:  Doug Mainwaring
  • International:  Badege Bishaw


Individual Awards

  • Service:  Jay Sexton
  • Resident Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction:  Claire Montgomery
  • Advising, Mentoring, and Graduate Instruction:  Steve Radosevich
  • Extended and Continuing Education:Viviane Simon-Brown
  • Support Staff:  Yvonne Havill
  • Support:  Jeff Hino
  • Faculty Research Assistant:  Milo Clauson

Team Awards

  • Trophic Cascades Research:  Bob Beschta, Bill Ripple
  • Mc Donald Dunn Planning Team:  Rick Fletcher, Gary Blanchard, Bill Emmingham, John Hayes, Becky Johnson, 
    Debbie Johnson, Norm Johnson, Dave Lysne, Glen Murphy, Mike Newton, John Sessions
  • College Forest Management Team:  Dave Lysne, Carol Carlson, Jordana Chambers, Tom Edwards, Debbie 
    Johnson, Eric Lamfers, Richard Symons, Trisha Wymore, Dave Young


Individual Awards

• Service:  Paul Foshay
• Advising, Mentoring, and Instruction:  Lisa Ganio
• Advising, Mentoring, and Instruction:  Ed Jensen
• Research:  Jeffrie Husband
• Support Staff:  Tresa Stevens
• Faculty Research Assistant:  Camille Freitag


Individual Awards

• Service:  Carol Carlson
• Service:  Steve Tesch
• Advising and Mentoring:  Debbie Bird-McCubbin
• Extended and Continuing Education:  Mike Bondi
• Research:  Mark Harmon
• Support Staff:  Rayetta Beall
• Faculty Research Assistant:  Markus Weiler

Team Awards

• Service:  Projects and Maintenance Crew:  Rand Sether, David LaFever, Jerry Sills
• Extended and Continuing Education:  Seeing the Forest: Art about Forests & Forestry:  Brad Withrow-Robinson, 
  Viviane Simon-Brown, Scott Reed, Molly Engle


Individual Awards

• Service:  Kathy Howell
• Advising, Mentoring, and Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction:  Barbara Bond
• Research / Scholarship:  Jeff Morrell
• Support Staff:  Gretchen Bracher
• Support Staff:  Sandra Lewis
• Faculty Research Assistant:  Manuela Huso

Team Awards:

• Extended and Continuing Education:  Forestry Media Center:  Jeff Hino, Mark Reed, Judy Sitton and David Zahler
• Dream Team, Special Service Award:  Steve Hobbs, Chair; John Bliss, Vice-Chair; Carol Carlson, Linda Carlson,
  Mike Cloughesy, Camille Freitag, Beverly Law; Jessica Leahy, Jeff Morrell, John Sessions; Phyllis Casner, 
  Support; and Tom Dowling, Facilitator


Individual Awards

• Service:  Beulah Davis
• Service:  Greg Filip
• Research:  John Hayes
• Service:  Elizabeth Kaiser
• Research:  Beverly Law
• Instruction and Advising:  Bruce Shindler

Team Awards

• Extended Education:  Oregon Wood Magic Team:  Jeff Morrell, Patricia Morrell, Margie Hoover, Connie Patterson
• Research:  Biotechnology Research Team:  Jace Carson, Caiping Ma, Richard Meilan


• Service:  Roger Admiral 
• Instruction/Advising:  Marv Pyles
• Service:  Judy Starnes
 FCC and NAUWS (Forestry Computing Committee and Network Administration/User and Workstation Support 


• Stephen D. Hobbs
• Steven H. Strauss
• Bart A. Thielges
• Governor’s Teams for Landslides, Salmon and Fish Habitat


• Forestry Computer Services Team


• Mary Scroggins
• Forestry Food Drive Team


• Sandra Arbogast
• Jeffrie Husband
• Forestry Media Center Production Team


• Glen Folkert
• Connie Patterson
• Forest Science QSG


• Pam Henderson
• Skye Etessami
• Research Forest Planning Team


• David Baldassano
• Fred Friedow
• Jamie Schaup
• Alternative Silviculture Team


• John Tappeiner
• David Hann
• Forestry Extension Team


• Cascades Ecosystem Study Group
• Timber Supply Study Team