A College of Forestry education, which includes hands-on field work, makes our graduates among the most prepared and employable professionals in the nation. Browse career choices below to see what awaits you after graduation. And if you are in the market for a job, check out our jobs page!

Forest Engineering

Possible Careers:

  • Forest Engineer 51-99k
  • Forester 54-71k
  • Land Surveyor 49-92k

Our graduates have been hired as: Forest Engineer, Forest Hydrologist, Geotechnical Engineer, Land Surveyor, Natural Resource Engineer, Business Owner, Forester, Harvest Operations Manager, Staff Road Engineer, Survey Manager, Transportation Planner, and Water Resources Engineer.

Our graduates work for: Boldman Surveying Consultants, City and County Governments, Cornerstone Structural Engineers LLC, Hancock Forest Management, OR Dept. of Transportation, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Weyerhauser, U.S. Forest Service, WA Dept. of Natural Resources, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Warren Consulting Engineers, and River Design Group.

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Work Experience while you Study

Work Experience Practicum - Students majoring in Forest Engineering, Forest/Civil Engineering, Forestry, Renewable Materials, and Tourism, Recreation & Adventure Leadership must complete a six-month work experience practicum prior to graduation. Natural Resources majors do not have a six-month work experience requirement but are encouraged to seek out internship and work experiences. The Benefits are Great:

  • Connect your in-class education with on-the-job training through paid (or unpaid) employment.
  • Test-run a job in your field of choice, with a real agency or business prior to entering the workforce.
  • Make useful career connections for when you graduate
  • Build your resume even before graduating to be the most employable candidate out there.

Mentored Employment Program - This program provides College of Forestry undergraduate students paid opportunities to work with faculty on research, special projects, and/or field experiences. These types of experiences enhance students' professional skills, build important mentor/protégé relationships and guidance while assisting faculty with important work.

Job Shadow Program - The College of Forestry has partnered with employers from various sectors of forestry to provide job shadow opportunities for career exploration in the fields of forestry, natural resources, forest products and recreation industries. As a current or prospective student, participate in a job shadow to:

  • Interview experts in industries that interest you - the chance to ask lots of questions!
  • Find out what you need from your academic experience to be successful in the workplace.
  • Start making important career and network connections.
  • Help you decide on a career path.

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