College of Forestry Biennial Report – 2019 and 2020

As a global leader in education, research and outreach related to our forest landscapes, Oregon State University uses science and discovery to help reimagine forestry in the 21st century.

We are in the midst of growing climate and sustainability crises. As the world’s population rises, demand for resources is growing exponentially.

Forests provide a solution. Forests are an essential source of construction materials and fiber, but that’s just the beginning. We rely on forests for clean water, clean air, wildlife habitat and preservation of biodiversity. Forests provide life-enriching recreation and awe-inspiring beauty. Forests store carbon and improve the air we breathe.

It’s a pivotal time for forestry and humankind. We must develop new ways to meet human needs in harmony with the natural world.

OSU and the College of Forestry are driving that change. This report summarizes much of our activity over the past two years. It highlights our collaborative approach and the meaningful impact we have had on research, policy and business decisions to address the growing challenges.

Our Impact

Biennial Features