Strategic Priorities

For the 2018-19 academic year, there are three goals that the College is working towards that align with the strategic vision that Dean Maness articulated in 2012.

Goal 1: Provide an environment in which students thrive. College of Forestry students come from all backgrounds, beliefs, and interests and are able to build on curiosity around, and respect for, our natural and managed lands as they chart unique and shared pathways towards degree completion and a meaningful life in an inclusive and supporting academic environment. 

Goal 2: Operate as an ecosystem that fosters faculty and staff advancement. Our College community is respectful, supportive, deliberate, and progressive. We are broadening traditional silos of research, teaching, and outreach to ensure all members of our community identify with the delivery of our mission.

 Goal 3: Maintain academic and program units that are operationally healthy in their organization, financial support, and staffing. The College of Forestry is able to invest in key initiatives and promote work across traditional disciplinary and operational boundaries to advance the science of forestry through transparent and stringent budget and policy administration and a commitment to sound and inclusive governance.