College of Forestry 2023-2027 Strategic Plan

This is a pivotal time for forestry — and for humankind — and the College of Forestry’s leadership is needed more than ever before. This strategic plan is our guide. We are committed to building an inclusive culture at the College and identifying and removing barriers to provide equitable access to research, learning and engagement. We are ready to accelerate our work to create thriving ecosystems, economies and communities. An impact that starts in the Pacific Northwest but is adopted on a global scale. As a College, we will accomplish this by working individually, and together, toward three goals:

  • Goal 1: INCLUSIVE, EXPERIENTIAL AND IMPACTFUL ACADEMICS. We are a leading College of Forestry — regionally, nationally and internationally — providing exceptional learning and development experiences for students of all backgrounds and lived experiences. We prepare them to be agents of change, ready to create and contribute solutions to present and future challenges concerning sustainability and global change.
  • Goal 2: TRANSFORMATIONAL RESEARCH AND SCHOLARSHIP. We continue to strengthen our research centers, institutes, laboratories and programs and build upon a collaborative research approach to advance knowledge and co-create sustainable and equitable solutions to issues facing forest landscapes, ecosystems, societies and communities.
  • Goal 3: COMMUNITY-FOCUSED OUTREACH AND ENGAGEMENT. We impart critical knowledge, skills and values to communities and clients, and receive expertise and greater understanding from community partners to promote ongoing land and resource stewardship and sustainable practices for forest ecosystems.

Get to know our values — view the full plan (pdf).