Current projects

FY 2018 Program Priorities

New Research Projects

  1. Experimental Evaluation of Plethodontid Salamander Response to Forest Harvest (FY 18-FY19) -- Tiffany Garcia, AJ Kroll, Jessica Homyack, Claudine Reynolds, David Shaw
  2. Does a Lack of Structures for Nest Building Limit Red Tree Vole Occupancy of Actively Managed Forest? (FY 18-FY19) -- Damon Lesmeister, John Bailey, Mark Linnell
  3. Identifying distribution boundaries at the upper extent of fish in streams using eDNA (FY 18-FY19) -- Brooke Penaluna, Ivan Arismendi, Tiffany Garcia, Jessica Homyack, Taal Levi, Dana Warren
  4. Quantifying fish response to management creating riparian forest canopy gaps (FY 18-FY19) -– Dana Warren, Maryanne Reiter

Continuing Research Projects

  1. Predicting Stream Nutrient Concentrations from Landscape Metrics to Develop Better Nutrient Criteria (FY 17-FY 18) -- Alba Argerich, Kevin Bladon, Jeff Hatten, Sherri Johnson
  2. Assessing Pollinator Response to Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbances in Mixed-Conifer Forests (FY 17-FY 18) -- Jim Rivers, James Cane
  3. Distribution of Rare Forest Carnivores (Fisher, Marten) in Coastal Southern Oregon (FY 17) -- John Bailey, Katie Moriarty
  4. The Role of Catchment Storage in Controlling Stream Temperature Response to Forest Harvesting (FY 17) -- Catalina Segura, Nickolas Cook, Kevin Bladon
  5. From Chaos to Consistency: Moving Towards Data Stewardship and Sharing for the Watershed Research Cooperative (FY 17) -- Jon Souder, Jeff Hatten, Lisa Ganio, Kevin Bladon
  6. Identifying Primary and Secondary Controls on Turbidity and Sediment Yield in Oregon’s Long-Term Paired Watershed Studies (FY 16 -FY 17) -- Kevin Bladon, Catalina Segura, Arne Skaugset, Sherri Johnson
  7. Revisiting the CFIRP: Assessing long-term ecological value and characteristics of snags created for wildlife (FY 16-FY 17) -- Jim Rivers, Joan Hagar