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Forest recreation to be the focus of annual Starker Lecture Series

Hiking, biking, camping and other types of recreation draw thousands of outdoor enthusiasts to the woods every year. When conflicts arise, users can be at odds with each other and with the businesses and agencies responsible for managing forestland. The annual Starker Lecture Series at Oregon... (more)

How the World's Smallest Birds Survive the Winter

In cold weather, hummingbird bodies enter into an "energy-conservation mode called torpor," according to Oregon State ecologist Adam Hadley. Birds that stay north for the winter experience a nightly "mini-hibernation," in which their 107-degree body temperatures can plummet to 48 degrees.(more)



Lone Rock Timber

Employer Information Night to discuss Lone Rock Timber Forest Management and Forest Engineering job and internship opportunities. An interview sign up sheet for Forest Management and…

Starker Lecture Series

In the pristine forests above Leavenworth, Washington, there exists a world of hidden trailheads and clandestine trails. Here a sect of outdoor enthusiasts, extreme mountain bikers called free…

Willamette Valley Bird Symposium

A day-long symposium bringing together professionals, students, and amateurs from the Willamette Valley to celebrate…

Sierra Pacific Industries

This Employer Information Session will be an opportunity to learn more about summer internship opportunities with Sierra Pacific Industries in Chico and Lincoln, California as well as other…

Peace Corps

Peace Corp info session with Oregon and SW Washington recruiter Scot Roskelley. Upcoming Peace Corp Info Sessions If you…