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Dave Cramsey Receives Forester of the Year Award from Oregon Society of American Foresters

Lane County Resident Dave Cramsey has received the Forester of the Year Award from the Oregon Society of American Foresters. Cramsey graduated from OSU with a BS in Forest Management in 1991.(more)

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New unmanned aircraft center should spur research, growth in evolving technology

“This further puts OSU and Oregon on the map of leaders in unmanned aircraft systems,” said Michael Wing, director of the Aerial Information System Lab at OSU. “It will help us form ties with multiple institutions and partnerships, stimulate both public and private funding, and build on some of... (more)

Why Does Mold Come in So Many Colors?

The amazing diversity of colors produced by molds and other fungi can vary regionally, says Sara Robinson, a researcher at Oregon State University. Blues and greens are prevalent in the Pacific Northwest, whereas oranges are more common in the Amazon. But the raison d’être of this rainbow of... (more)



National Get Outdoors Day

The third annual National Get Outdoors Day event will be held on Saturday May 30th, 2015 from 10:00am-3:00pm at Peavy Arboretum.  This free event is hosted by OSU…

Computing Workshop: Excel - Functions and Features in Depth

Topics covered in this 2-hour workshop: Lookup and Reference Functions, Other Advanced Functions, Quick Analysis Tool, Macros, Formula Auditing, Tips and Tricks.  Location: 240 Peavy  …

Thesis Defense: Raul Dancé, "Interconnectedness of Forest Ecosystem Services, Environmental Corporate Impacts, and Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in the Amazon Rainforest"

The main goal of this research was to analyze the CSR Sustainability Reports of the top 21 corporations in Latin America linked with the four commodities associated with…

Thesis Defense: Danny Way, "Proof of Concept for a Three-Dimensional Molded Core Wood-Strand Sandwich Panel"

Sandwich composites are typically produced from two high strength facings bonded to a lower strength, lightweight core. Sandwich design has proven to be efficient for applications demanding high…

Managing Change in Our Community Forests:

Invasive pests, changing climate regimes and increased urban density will cause changes in our urban forests in the coming years. What tools and strategies can managers use today…

Thesis Defense: Badria Almurshidi, "The Toxicity of Pigments from Select Chlorociboria and Scytalidium Species"

Because color plays a significant role in the human world, it is not surprising that an abundance of research has focused on the study of coloring in commercial products.…