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Precipitation and Not Warming Temperatures May be More to Blame for Bird Population Shifts

Warming temperatures may not impact birds as much as you might think. Instead, precipitation is what might cause problems for species in North America. "When we think of climate change, we automatically think warmer temperatures," said Matthew Betts, professor in the College of Forestry. "But... (more)

Why Is Lake Abert Disappearing?

Trent Seager, a Ph.D. candidate at Oregon State who’s led bird counts at the lake for 20 years, remembers taking his concerns to a manager at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. At their first meeting, the manager was receptive, interested and worried, Seager says. Seager, another Lake... (more)

On the Oregon Truffle Scent

At least 350 known truffle species grow in the Pacific Northwest, according to a 2009 federal report on truffle fungi. Only Australia grows more species, boasting “a tremendous diversity” of around 2,000, says Jim Trappe, a professor in the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society at Oregon... (more)



Sundown Forestry

Sundown is celebrated by Ecotrust’s friends starting at 5:30 every Thursday in July, but this one is special. For, on this particular Thursday we will celebrate our forests…

Summer Woodland Tour and Lunch

Our hosts for this year's tour are Randy and Bonnie Holce, CCSWA members and OSU Master Woodland Managers. 8:30 Hot Coffee and Pastries 9:00 Walking…

Oak Woodlands and Private Landowners:

Oak Woodlands and oak savanna, once widely distributed across the Willamette Valley, are now the focus of important restoration and conservation efforts.  Private landowners as well as several…

Forestry Executive Committee Meeting

The FEC Meetings are open to any College of Forestry member. However, there are occasional agenda topics which are titled "Executive Session." The Executive sessions are only open to…