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Wildlife migration routes for multiple species can link conservation reserves at lower cost

“We demonstrate that a lot of potential gain can be made at moderate increases in cost as you try to connect habitat areas,” said Claire Montgomery, a forest economist at Oregon State and one of the researchers on the project. “Looking at trade-offs between target species is something that no... (more)

Bushmeat hunting threatens mammal populations and ecosystems, poses food security threat

An international team led by William Ripple, distinguished professor of ecology at Oregon State University, analyzed data on the IUCN Red List to reach their findings, which were published today in Royal Society Open Science, a professional journal.(more)

Conifer needles will drop. That's OK, says OSU urban forestry expert

Such botanical behavior is natural, said Paul Ries, urban forestry specialist for the Oregon State University Extension Service. Evergreen conifers shed needles just as deciduous trees lose leaves; it just happens over a longer period of time.(more)



CoF Homecoming Tailgate Celebration

Save the date, more details to follow. Event will be held 2 hours before kick…

Peavy Hall Groundbreaking Ceremony

This event will take place 3 hours before game kick-off. More details to…

DJ Spooky's "Heart of a Forest" Oregon Tour

New York based composer, artist and author Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky will take his high-energy performance of “Heart of a Forest” to four Oregon cities,…

Veterans Day Celebration

Join in honoring our students, faculty and staff who have served in the military.  Treats provided. …