Forestry Communications Group

The Forestry Communications Group at the College of Forestry is a team of writers, editors, graphic designers, and web specialists. We help scientists, engineers, and educators in the College of Forestry/ Oregon Forest Research Laboratory communicate their research findings in a clear and compelling manner. 

Scientific and Technical Publications: Open Access and Distribution

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Forest Research Laboratory Publications

The Forestry Communications Group publishes books and reports under the imprint of the College of Forestry Oregon Forest Research Laboratory (FRL), including six peer-reviewed series:

Guide to Authors for preparing Forest Research Laboratory Publications

College of Forestry Publications

The Forestry Communications Group publishes a variety of materials intended for educators, researchers, public agencies, and the general public:

Scientific/Technical Editing and Communications Services

  • Manuscript editing: substantive editing, copyediting, language polishing, and technical illustration for scientific papers, books, and proceedings
  • Graphic design services, including design and illustration of brochures, posters, and electronic presentations for scientific and general audiences
  • Writing consultation for individual students and faculty
  • Workshops: Faculty members may request presentation of a workshop on various aspects of scientific communication as part of a class curriculum. Access to notes on past workshops are also available.

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