The Chile Initiative

The Chile Initiative is the first step of a broader internationalization strategy for the college which seeks to link CoF with key trading nations in Latin America and around the Pacific Rim. The initiative builds and supports collaborative research, targeted study and internship experiences for undergraduate and graduate students, and opportunities for interaction between Oregon’s landowners, industry and government leaders and their Chilean counterparts.

Chile’s diverse ecosystems, forward-thinking forest industry and focus on sustainable resource management makes it an ideal partner for Oregonians interested in gaining a global perspective on the state of forests, their use, and conservation. The Chile Initiative fosters academic and professional connections, supports scholars in the field, hosts international seminars and enables faculty to create learning opportunities for their students.

The College of Forestry partners with Chilean researchers on collaborative project. Chilean students (undergraduate and graduate) attend OSU, and CoF students broaden their knowledge (and perfect their Spanish) in Chile through partnerships with Universidad de Concepción, Universidad Austral de Chile and Universidad del Bío Bío. College of Forestry students participate in internships in Chile focused on the forest industry, ecosystem services, forest restoration and policy and international trade.