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Forestry Photo Exhibit: Rarely Seen Forestry Photos of 70 to 100 Years Ago, Richardson Hall, West wing.

World Environment Day: Peace Corps Master’s International student Ramona Arechiga celebrated World Environment Day in Goba, Ethiopia with a community tree planting.

Bird's Eye View: Forest Research Laboratory ecologists collaborate with industry partners in research to learn more about the potential impacts of intensive forest practices on native wildlife as well as ways to mitigate such impacts.

Dream Job: Recent graduate Stephanie Root (NR) is a wildlife specialist at Joshua Tree National Park.

Managing a Monstrous Menace: Seema Mangla, a post-doctoral researcher in the Forest Ecosystems and Society Department, has spent several years studying the spread of the invasive medusahead weed in Burns, Oregon.

Return of the Big Predators: As wolves spread across the American West, Ph.D. student Cristina Eisenberg’s findings about their place in the ecosystem could help policymakers answer questions about the best way to manage them.  

Going Forward: Kirstin Tilleman is passionate about basketball…and studying natural resources.

Traveling Far: A forestry student talks about her trip to Scandinavia to learn sustainable practices.