Wood Innovation and Sustainability Learning Outcomes

As a graduate of the Wood Innovation and Sustainability/Renewable Materials programs, you will:

- Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of wood and similar renewable materials that make them challenging to utilize as industrial and building materials.

- Demonstrate command of renewable material moisture content and specific gravity calculations.

- Demonstrate ability to find, compile, analyze and communicate technical information.

- Gain familiarity with the diverse complexity of the Renewable Materials industry, and the challenges it faces with balancing business and environmental goals.

- Demonstrate a combination of technical and business acumen that allows effective management of process and people.

- Gain information and knowledge to become a better global citizen.

- Demonstrate ability to creatively self-direct learning outcomes within the classroom environment and/or through independent undergraduate research.

Science and Engineering Option

This is a flexible, math- and science-intensive option that allows students to design a personalized curriculum that opens doors to jobs that solve complex problems, create efficiencies, foster intelligent use of renewable materials, or to graduate school.