Riparian Restoration Project and Plot Characterization
Faculty mentor/Supervisor: 
Jon Souder
Department Affiliation: 
Forest Engineering Resources & Management
Job Location: 
Actually anywhere since work will likely be conducted remotely. This project would be suitable for an eCampus student.
Description of project or research opportunity: 
Millions of dollars are spent annually to restore riparian areas, often in lands previously used for pasture and agriculture. The ecosystem benefits from these projects typically take decades to achieve, while most monitoring and evaluation ends once the plantings are "free-to-grow." This project is based on permanent plots established in riparian restoration in the early 2000s where the plantings are now approximately 15-20 years of age. Plot re-measurements are providing data on the growth, survival, competition, and stand conditions for these middle-aged plantings. The results of this research will be used to better design and evaluate riparian restoration projects and programs.
Tasks student will perform: 
The MEP student will be tasked with developing project profiles from existing restoration data and other sources of information (digital imagery, soil surveys, etc.). This information will predominantly be in MS-Excel files, but may also include charts and figures generated by R-statistics scripts. Student will be provided with a template for the information, and be responsible for accessing, re-working as needed, and compiling specific project and plot data into the template for publication. Student will also be expected to participate in lab meetings and present the results of their work in these meetings and other venues.
Special skills required: 
Attention to detail. Skills in MS-Excel and MS-Word. Desirable skills would include MS-Access, R-statistics, and ArcGIS. Clear writing and good analytical skills.
Hourly rate of pay: 
Proposed dates of employment: 
Friday, September 18, 2020 to Sunday, May 30, 2021
Anticipated hours worked per week: 
Proposal Type: 
Mentored Employment Program
COVID-19 Pandemic Response: 
This project is readily adaptable to Covid-19 remote work requirements. MEP student will be incorporated into an existing research group that has been working remotely since last March. We have weekly Zoom lab meetings, and frequent email exchanges. All MEP efforts will be based on using existing data, so they can all be conducted without requiring access to laboratory or field sites.