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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of Christmas tree sales in Oregon this year, according to Oregon State University Extension’s Christmas tree specialist.

As an ex-firefighter, Chris Dunn knows withdrawing from advancing flames is discouraging — but as a fire science researcher, he understands such retreats can be strategic.

“Historically, fires were frequent and highly useful for this landscape and the Karuk people,” said project leader Skye Greenler, a graduate research fellow in the OSU College of Forestry.

Oregon State University has produced a draft proposal for turning the Elliott State Forest in the Coos Bay area into a research forest.

“We are excited to watch our new Fire Extension Program ramp up, with several new hires of outstanding specialists” said Jim Johnson, senior associate dean for the College of Forestry and program leader Forestry and Natural Resources Extension.

Wood Science students Sina Jahedi and Luke Walter have developed a free-to-use website with the goal of encouraging the use of renewable materials to create a more sustainable environment.

For insight into the reality of the wildfires, the St. Helens, OR Chronicle spoke with OSU Department of Forestry professors John D. Bailey and Meg Krawchuk.

Researchers are keeping an eye on the health of the McKenzie River, which flows through the middle of it all.

The rebuilding of communities hit hard by recent wildfires — from affluent and urban Napa, California, to rural and economically challenged Detroit, Oregon — will be as varied as the communities themselves, a panel of wildfire experts at Oregon State University told journalists from around the st