PFSC laboratory



Burn Table, South Courtyard
This is a dedicated outdoor space for students and guests to see a live demonstration on the effects of fire in our communities.

Processing Lab, PSFC 006
Researchers will use this lab to process their field samples before transporting to research labs for in-depth study.

FERN Center Computing Lab, PFSC 109
The FERN Center Computing Lab features 25 workstations where students can study and work. The FERN Center features collaborative and quiet spaces for students.

Geotechnical Lab, PFSC 169
The Geotechnical Lab has the ability to test a variety of properties of soil, including soil classification, compaction, consolidation, direct shear, permeability, unconfined compression and stress.

Weyerhauser Company Teaching Lab, PFSC 177
Faculty will teach scientific principles to all degree program students within the college. The lab will host classes such as Forest Soils, Dendrology, and Fuels and Fire Management.

Harvest Simulator Lab, PFSC 210
Simulators allow students to learn the ropes without making costly mistakes. Students will have the opportunity for hands-on experience in forest harvesting through the use of John Deere and Ponsse Harvest Simulators. The lab will include two large simulators and numerous tabletop versions.

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund Lab, PFSC 269
Research in this wildlife ecology lab includes aquatic ecosystems, marbled murrelets, native pollinators, forest landscapes and more.

Fire and Silviculture Lab, PFSC 369
Research in this lab will explore silviculture, fuels and fire management.