Listening to the Forest by Leah Wilson
Listening to the Forest spans three floors and is installed above the atrium stairs. It spans the scale of an old-growth tree from the cellular level to one growing in the forest. The composition of the individual panels is from the cellular structure of red alder, western hemlock, pacific yew, and Douglas-fir trees. The panels are acrylic and bio-based resin on birch plywood.

The Perseverance of Decay by Robert M. Horner
This piece can be found outside in the Arboretum on the east side of Peavy. Reaching 22 feet in height, the tree-like structure was created from heat, pressure and fire, and inspired by the cycle of life and destruction. The inside edge of each wooden rib is torched, evoking the feeling of a burnt-out tree from a forest fire. The charred wood makes a direct connection to the fragility and impermanence of life.