Internships and research

International internships allow students to pursue professional experience on a global level while receiving academic credit and using financial aid and scholarships to support time abroad. Internships are available:

  • On all continents.
  • In the following areas: forest engineering, management, product development, marketing and trade, natural resource management, conservation and ecology, recreation and tourism, wood science and renewable material development. 
  • In all types of professional organizations including research labs, industry, small businesses, NGOs, government agencies, non-profits and education.
  • In all languages including English.
  • At all times of year.
  • For undergraduate and graduate students.

Most internships are 8-12 weeks in duration. Internship providers often help interns find housing, get oriented to their work place and environment, and develop critical work skills. Many also provide stipends or other support to help cover costs. While you must register for a minimum of one credit, you can earn more.


If you are planning to host an OSU student for an international internship, please fill out the International Internship Host Information Form.

If you have already hosted an OSU intern, please provide the college with feedback by competing the Post-Internship Host Evaluation Form

If you are a student who has recently returned from an international internship, please provide the college with feedback about you experience by completing the Returning Intern Questionnaire.