Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

The College of Forestry at Oregon State University (OSU) enjoys a century-long reputation as a leader in forestry research, teaching, and extended education.  Currently the College has about 190 graduate students, including approximately 35 international students from all over the world.  The College offers graduate degrees in four distinct areas, administered by three separate departments. About 75 faculty members teach at the graduate level, and the College employs more than 300 faculty, staff, and support personnel. In addition, we manage about 14,000 acres of College Forests, most of it within minutes of campus.   

CoF News

From Smokey Bear to climate change: the future of wildland fire management

Associate Professor of Silviculture and Fire Management John Bailey on the future of wildland fire management.(more)

Genetically modified trees are being 'strangled' by red tape

"With global climate change and the spreading of pests, it's rather urgent we have all the tools we can bring to bear," lead author Dr Steven Strauss from the Oregon State University told BBC News.(more)

Grizzly bears are helped by wolves

Wild fruit is an important part of grizzly bear diets, especially when they are trying to gain weight before winter hibernation stated study co-author William Ripple, a forest ecosystems researcher at Oregon State University.(more)

Graduate Program Announcements

Sep 1, 2015

Coordinator, Northwestern Basin and Range Landscape Conservation Project Apply Online at: http://www.thegreatbasininstitute.org/job/project-coordinator-northwestern-basin-and-range-landscape-conservation-project/ The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service identified the need to accomplish landscape scale collaborative planning for the region surrounding the Sheldon, Hart Mountain and Malheur National Wildlife Refuges. The Northwestern Basin and Range ecoregion is a priority landscape because of its (1) biological   (more...)

Sep 1, 2015

Qualifications: Minimum qualifications A Master’s degree in forestry and two years of relevant experience, or a Bachelor’s degree in forestry with a minimum of four years of relevant experience. Background in silviculture, forest management and planning Demonstrated experience with forest or closely related research. Preferred qualifications Background in forest biology, ecology and/or forest health. Education   (more...)

Aug 27, 2015

If you’re studying forests, forest ecosystem or the organisms that live there, check out Instrumentl’s Forest Challenge for the chance to win an extra $500 grant towards your crowdfunding campaign. Register HERE by entering your name and email by Friday, August 28th at 11:59pm PST. Have questions? Read more about our Grant Challenges or send   (more...)