Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

The College of Forestry at Oregon State University (OSU) enjoys a century-long reputation as a leader in forestry research, teaching, and extended education.  Currently the College has about 190 graduate students, including approximately 35 international students from all over the world.  The College offers graduate degrees in four distinct areas, administered by three separate departments. About 75 faculty members teach at the graduate level, and the College employs more than 300 faculty, staff, and support personnel. In addition, we manage about 14,000 acres of College Forests, most of it within minutes of campus.   

CoF News

West Coast Flies to the Rescue of East Coast Hemlock Forests

A research team led by two entomologists – Darrell Ross in the Oregon State College of Forestry and Kimberly Wallin with the University of Vermont and the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station – demonstrated that a type of fly in the Pacific Northwest known as a silver fly (species in... (more)

The pope plays his trump card: teaching the power of moral actions

FES professor Michael Paul Nelson and Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Oregon State University Kathleen Dean Moore weigh in on Pope Francis' encyclical.(more)

Simple Real-time Dashboards Built with Story Maps

Using the Story Map Tour storytelling template and ArcGIS Online, a simple map-based dashboard was developed to let researchers, administrators, and the general public view real-time data from 125 different sensors including webcams, stream gauges, and weather stations deployed throughout the... (more)

Graduate Program Announcements

Jul 1, 2015

Socio-Environmental Synthesis Research Proposal Writing Workshop The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) will host a 2½-day workshop September 28–30, 2015, designed to prepare graduate students to apply for graduate-level research opportunities at SESYNC. This workshop will provide graduate students with: Introductions to SESYNC, socio-environmental synthesis research, team science, bridging natural and social sciences, and actionable   (more...)

Jul 1, 2015

Forest Ecosystems: Analysis and Applications (FES646) will be offered in fall term 2015.  The topics covered each week will be similar to the past, but the format of the course has been changed to better suit the PhD level.  Master’s students are also welcome. Students will examine a forest ecosystem related management problem. I have   (more...)

Jun 25, 2015

Faculty Position – Spatial Technologies and Biometrics Department of Forestry Mississippi State University Position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Forestry, Forest and Wildlife Research Center, Mississippi State University Qualifications: Ph.D. degree in Forestry or a closely related field is required. Training and experience in quantitative methodology at the theoretical and applied level of spatial modeling is   (more...)